Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy Review 2019

My name is Ramy Kandil. I’m from Cairo, Egypt. I have been training in kunyu mountain martial arts academy for a year and nine months now. I had initially came here To train for one year, but after spending a couple of month I decide to add on another year. I Came here with some martial arts experience. I trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu for almost two years I’ve done MMA for a couple of months around six months more or less I’m generally a pretty active person and I tried to stay fit and healthy as possible When I first found out about the Academy there wasn’t too much I could find online about the place it was 2016 at the time and there was the website that was Isn’t as clear as I think it should be but yeah, that’s how things are. I guess sometimes But I believe now there is a YouTube page and there’s a page on Facebook and are many student reviews and Definitely a lot more information in back then So I’ve been here for a year and nine months I trained in the Shaolin group under Shifu among for a year and two months Then I decided to change to a sunder group which is essentially Chinese kickboxing Within the time I spent training in a Shaolin group. I agree the enjoyed it I’d never trained kung fu before no forms. No karate when I was younger and none of that It pretty much consisted of a lot of kicking stance training learning fist weapon forms loads of stretching Gonna do a lot of stretching that’s for sure and strength training I pursue really loved the power training or the strength training it changes from week to week Depending on what your master what torture your master wants to put you through I definitely advise anyone planning on coming here to At least get into some good shape so you can take advantage of the training here specifically if you’re coming for period You don’t want to be worrying about your cardio and stuff where you can when you can just like learn everything right away So during my time training under Shifu mooned. I’ve learned so much in regards to disciplined martial arts morality and how far I was able to really push myself physically and mentally around 2018 I started preparing for an annual Santa competition which is held in nearby city of ent It’s not too far like a two hour bus ride merliss And at that point I decided to change groups enjoying the sunder group, which was led by a Shifu girl. I had always Always had a lot of respect from master gal and I was extremely excited to train under him since then I decided to stay in the standard group as as I felt it was There’s more of a style of combat I really enjoyed and It’s definitely more applicable in reality in regards to like the other styles that are talked and you carry me here so in the academy you have shaolin kung fu you have Wing Chun you have baji You have Tai Chi there’s also sorts of meditation like Qigong. There are many different variations to it So, okay, I switched to sunder group even though we were training mostly Sandow We had still you would still train Shaolin forms through we’d still train shaolin’s forms and practice basics at least a couple of times a week Do chives definitely happy about because I trained initially I initially came there to Train Sheldon the more I learned obviously the better all the masters here are the highest level and extremely competent on how to teach how to teach all kinds of people whether you have experience or not every day I’m amazed by the things that they’re able to do Over the period I spent here. I’ve learned so much about myself and what? What I wanted to do with life before coming here. I no idea what I wanted to do I just graduated from university and was looking for a place to escape reality a bit and reevaluate what they want to make of my life and At the same time practice martial arts as it’s always been something out of passion. I had a passion for I decide on coming to ku new shine and It’s here where I was able to really embrace Who I am and figure out that I wanted to Get certified as a martial arts coach and eventually teach back home with the future plans of hopefully opening up my own Academy at some point and being able to Provide like the experience that I got here to people back home In addition to that change that I’ve experienced some physical mental level which something From my personal point of view I love this place and consider it’s my second home Over at a time I’ve spent here. I can’t I came to really understand and appreciate Chinese culture and the lifestyle here The Academy is well equipped with everything you need in regards to daily life or training the staff Here are always trying their hardest to satisfy. Everyone’s needs and keep everyone happy There have been a quite a few changes made in the Academy starting with the upgrading of training facilities The renovation of the bathrooms in the old building which is a bit of a struggle for us because we have to walk across The training area outside to use the bathrooms in the new building can get not fun at night, especially when it’s cold outside They’ve also changed all the heating systems on the campus and they as far as I heard they have a lot of more plans on changing things around changing and updating things around the academy just to make it more convenient and comfortable for For all to accommodate pretty much foreign students The Academy is located in a perfect area surrounded by farmland and mountains. The pollution is very tolerable in comparison to other cities in China, especially if you like you’re definitely probably gonna come through Beijing and Yeah pollution. There’s not nice one thing. I must mention as well as the amazing people that you meet here from all over the world It’s definitely one of the greatest assets and I’ve been telling everyone about this. So it’s incredible Especially that everyone here lives under pretty close quarters and it just creates that Big family vibe. So essentially everyone here might come through brothers and sisters and it’s really cool Yeah, it just feels like a huge family Everyone is always so helpful and nice and it’s really amazing to actually learn about everyone’s Different backgrounds and their cultures and we just got a taste of the entire world just in this one place It’s really something incredibly amazing. Thank you

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  1. I have a great interest in learning Kung Fu, I have no prior training in martial arts however, I have trained in classical dance and gymnasticstherefore my fitness levels are quite good and flexibility is also ok. Strenghth however may be an issue. I especially am interested in monkey form Kung Fu . Can i make it?

  2. Great video. Is it possible to focus and train in only one style? Although i humbly respect and appreciate all styles of Chinese martialarts?

  3. Good student and brave fighter! I hope this video will inspire other people looking to complete their fighting skills through traditional martial arts.

  4. I was in Kunyu shan in 2016.I have enjoyed practicing and will to continue to do so.I enjoyed the time training under masters. After training I would usually lay in bed just to make sure I had enough energy for the next day:)

  5. The only thing I regret about coming here is ever leaving the place too soon. I can tell anyone who's watching this and is interested in going to any martial arts school in China; You want to go as long as you possibly can. Take a year, take two years, hell, take five. I started right before Ramy came along. We trained together for most of the time and, among many, we ended up being some of the closest kungfu brothers.
    I'm so happy and at the same time a tad jealous that he's still living the dream at the foothills of Kunyu Shan!

  6. thank you Ramy,very useful information sharing. I have been training different sports since young age also learn brazalian ji jutsu for couple of month.Is it possible to learn as a main base Tai Chi instead Kung Fu?I want to be a Taichi master

  7. I am interested in coming over early next year, like perhaps in June, do the school have certain dates you start classes,

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  9. Hey there! So I'm looking at potentially shipping out to Kunyu to train in San Da. Can you tell me a bit more about the San Da training? Ie, typical class structure, how many hours a day you were doing what, etc.

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