Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Kung fu school Review from Female students 2019 winter

okay my name is Johanna and this is my
review for Kunyu Mountain Shaolin martial arts academy do you have any martial art
background I have the littles I experienced once during my studies I did
one semester of take one door so what can you say about the training
did they make your expectation definitely meet my expectations actually
I really enjoyed that there’s like this fight right priority of training so it
comes from acrobatics to form training to our be left power training so like I
really enjoyed this biology okay since your first day here did you
notice any evolution evolution progress yes you can really watch your body
changing like from the first day when the training starts you’ve some running
as warmup and you’re really like yeah yeah thank
you up to two months I’m in here it’s like it got so easy and you really see
like a video get deeper in the stretches and also like how your muscles yeah yeah
and also make for your mind nothing like I think it really changed my stature as
like there’s health confidence grows for me it’s a huge change which I ever saw
myself well done girls what can you say about
the environment you’re staying here about the people in
general so about the environment like the first thing I recognized when I come
here it’s like the surrounding like school it’s just like it’s totally
surrounded by mountains and very close to the school that’s an amazing temple
you can explore and the school has a very nice and clean environment too and
I really really enjoy the company of the guys here the people because like it’s a
amazing community to know that the people have here and like to exchange
your ideas to train together to motivate each other it’s very amazing for this
question no need to run or what you can stay in your future how will you use
what you learn here like I also truly believe that this is really helpful for
my future I can use a lot like I already mentioned that I like I really have so
like a personality changed I think it’s always good if you appear in your
environment I prefer I don’t know like a strong present with good self-confidence
I think it helps you in every field of your future and for me it also the time
here making curious to get to know more about martial arts maybe even exploring
like different martial arts now like yeah I’m looking forward to what’s
happening when I’m coming home any less well I’m just looking forward
to have my last month here and Academy and yeah that’s it yeah so yeah this was
my review for canoe Mountain Shaolin martial art academy

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  1. Thank you for accepting this interview/surprise training Johanna! It was also very fun for us 🙂 I hope this video will also be a good memory for you and Colombe.

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