Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Kung Fu  Review 2019

My name is Matthew Struble and from Phoenix,
Arizona in the united states. And this is my review for Kunyu mountain shaolin academy.
I been here for about one year now. So uh, the first thing you can notice when you get
to school is a nature that they were situated in, where we’re uh, right next to a massive
complex of mountains. Um, the Kunyu mountains, ah, we’re about in the school were about ten
minute hike from the top of the mountains. And you basically look out over the entire
valley and it’s just filled with for sort of a very much vegetation.
Um, so It’s very It’s very awesome place to come just to get just to see the nature and
live in this uh in the nature. It’s kind of a small town where are we we are we are surrounded
by all the distractions of of the city, the big city. And it’s also a very uh nice place
to come to learn about Chinese culture in general. We we live here right in close proximity
with the masters and the translators. Uh and so we constantly in contact will constantly
learning about each others culture and each others are daily lives in in this country
of China. Um we we get very close here. We we even celebrate holidays together. We we
just celebrate Christmas and we’re about to celebrate Chinese new year together. So we
get we get to even share cultures with each other which is I think very cool thing to
do um, but as far as training, um, It’s I think It’s very excellent place to come and
train uh especially if you want to learn kung fu as Its traditionally taught. Uh we have
five of five masters here who all in their respects are are very uh very seasoned teaching
and and great masters themselves. Um I came and I just wanted to I have two goals for
myself. I just wanted to get in shape and you know learn some some basics of different
uh different styles of kung fu and I think that after about a year here i’ve i’ve really
gotten surpassed my expectations and my goals over and over again and I I keep sort of making
new goals and reaching them and it’s it’s been a very good experience. I I spent the
first seven months that I was here training shaolin and with some kung fu with the master
XU and when he left the school for a for about the next year and master SUN took over I decided
to go to the Taichi program with Master Wang. Uh there’s also then the SanDa program Chinese
kick boxing with master GAO and the WING CHUN programme with MASTER Guo. And one of the
other things that I I uh I didn’t really realize uh when I came here to uh to study at Kunyu
mountain shaolin academy was the optional classes and activities that they have for
students to do every day. I think they’re they’re really cool um every every morning
they have the taichi class with Master Guo and I really enjoyed going on learning different
forms with him. Uh they also have the massage class with Massage master Sui here in school
they also have a calligraphy classes are in the afternoons they have XING YI classes uh
once a week. It’s very interesting. Um XING YI is very very powerful and they also have
every afternoon may have the chi kung class with master cool very great Chi Kung master
and I I I didn’t really even know what she done was when I came but I sort of uh learned
a lot about what can do for your life and as far as uh health benefits um you know fighting
disease uh healing the body from injuries and calming relaxing the mind getting yourself
in a good state and really getting your your energy levels uh in a good place for training.
Uh we also uh hike up the mountain once every week um and there’s the dallas and classes
in the Chinese mandarin classes that anything about students with here. So it’s certainly
a very good place to come and get sort of a full experience.
Um you get culture and uh very real martial arts as well as sort of a family here. Um
you know there’s about a hundred other people a hundred other students and generally everybody
has the same goal of working and training hard. And so everybody gets better as as a
group here and it’s it’s fun to watch the different groups progress. Um the Shaolin
group is uh the more powerful and flexible every week and i’ve noticed that you know
that Taichi groups stands get lower every weekend in the same group people are getting
harder every week. Um and in in the in Wing TSUN group it’s it’s it’s about the same thing
as is the standard group. You can really see how how how could the punches get over the
weeks and how how good their condition is Definitely.
Um. So so that’s uh that that’s that’s my review the school I think that you know if
if you if you want to change your life and do something to improve it and you’re willing
to work hard for for that I think this is a very good place to come and and train and
you know get get things in order in your life. I’m so my name is Matthew Struble. That was
my review for the the mountain Shaolin martial arts academy.

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  1. Hi Matthew,thx for sharing this. I've been looking online for a shaolin martial arts school and I very much like the look of what school offer here and the location. However I have a few questions. How many students are there to tai chi/shaolin master now? Are the instructors patient when with students as I didn't have any experiences before? Do you have any pictures of the school itself

  2. Would like to take a career break for a year from work and would like to train Kung Fu which was always a dream since young age. I would like to ask you am I taking a right decision at this age of 31 or how easy it's at my age to get that flexibility which is I believe plays a vital part in Kung Fu.

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  4. I am deeply interested in learning Shaolin martial arts, and I am considering applying to your school. In order to prepare, what would be an ideal diet?

  5. I went through your website and video. Iam interested in learning kungfu in kunyu academy which is my dream and aim. We are allowded only 7 to 10 daya of holidays.Is it Ok ?

  6. i am very interested in spending a year at your academy. I was trying to access the pages so i could contact some of the past students about their experience .Is there anyone i could get some of their emails to contact them?

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