costing half as much as most other 2x2s yet
outperforming most of them is this the best that 2x2s have to offer. hey, guys, it’s cubing on my mind and if this
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like this, but let’s get into the video. it cost almost $6 on speedcubeshop measures
in at about and has the standard MoYu/QiYi Color Scheme.
out of the box, it was a little scratchy but after 200 solves and lubing it with Lubicle
Silk and the core with wt. 6 from scs, it became buttery smooth. its feeling reminds me of the thunderclap
because of the buttery smooth yet harsh snappiness to it. on the reliability chart it’s pretty good
it never pops or corner twists and lockups rarely happen. corner cutting is a little over 45 and reverse
is approximately half a cubie. now the mechanism resembles a mix of the old
plastic Dayan and the lingpo. overall this is a great cube if you already
have a cube that you love then you don’t need to get it but if you’re in the market for
a new main this is a must have. Pros: very stable, good corner cutting, a
great price, perfect feel and a good flow. Cons: there’s a small part where it can’t
cut and feels a tiny bit cheap. Do you have this cube let me know what you
think in the comments and drop a like to let me know that you enjoy this kind of content
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