KUNG FU YOGA Trailer (2017) Jackie Chan Action Comedy Movie

When a treasure disappears There’s only one man You’re China’s greatest archeologist and one woman Welcome to India, Jack and one…other man for the job. This is beyond my imagination Xiaoguang! Come down and get us out! Xiao is like you; both archaeologists I’m a treasure hunter this is ??????? treasure. It’s against the law. This is your only chance to prove your father gave away his life for something more than just a legend. This treasure belongs to me. He has the power to transform all of you This is the treasure Kung Fu Yoga Mr. Chicken! Mr. Chicken! Hello, Jackie

100 thoughts on “KUNG FU YOGA Trailer (2017) Jackie Chan Action Comedy Movie

  1. you idiots Stanley tong is a good director he does a lot of chan movies so shut up and watch cause it looks like a lot of fun give jackie respect for being 60ish and still acting

  2. haha yes but movie sound ok or ?
    but its nice to se jackie chan 63 age still making movies keep on rocking old man =)

  3. I don't like dubs for anything. I'm gonna watch it, but with subtitles. Jackie Chan and Yixing are in there, so I'm definitely watching it!!

  4. "So is this the trailer or mashup?" turned into "They're getting too old for this shit" (c) turned into hmm… I have a bowl of snacks here. I… think I'll eat the snacks while looking at the wall instead, just painted it, could be interesting. Nah just kidding, but it looks like some of his lesser wire-fu films, and not the zany old ones with grit and real fights. I would have loved one of those again 🙂 But looks like they had fun doing it and some real locations mixed in with all the fake.

  5. I bought a porn DvD today then I put it in the DVD player But all I saw was some guy sitting on a sofa holding his d*ck
    .Then I realized that I didn't switch on the TV 😀

  6. ККung Fu Yogaa mоooviee hееre => https://twitter.com/ba8896cf22da9c191/status/824089564381724676

  7. Мy gf really loves this film. Wе foоund full moооvie hеreе => https://twitter.com/ba8896cf22da9c191/status/824089564381724676

  8. Rееeallу niсе movie. I foound it hereеeе => https://twitter.com/ba8896cf22da9c191/status/824089564381724676

  9. This mooooviеe is now aavaaаilаble tо watcch herе => https://twitter.com/ba8896cf22da9c191/status/824089564381724676

  10. 70's,80's,90's,00's until 10's,The Living Legend Jackie Chan wasn't failed to Amazed us,and all of the JC's Fans all over the Globe…
    i think it should be Rush Hour 4 ,intead of kung fu yoga ,the Attack of tge film is like the RH 1,2,and 3…

  11. I'm disapointed.. mostly of Jackie Chan 's movies were clean and now, we see more naked women ..I'm certainly not going to watch this crap…

  12. Jackie chan the legend of asian cinema and shah rukh khan the legend of Bollywood should be working together in a movie before they both retired

  13. I like jackie, lay and sonu but disha , really ??? This is nuts!!!!!
    Could have found a better actress who can actually act than an actress who only knows to expose her body..
    Disappointing movie!!!

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