Kung Fu Weapon Training & Meihuaquan : The Chinese Broadsword

In this section of the video, I’m going to
introduce you guys to the Broadsword. A Broadsword is widely in Shaolin, okay. In the past, I
mean the Broadsword is one of the sharpened object or sharpened sword that actually warriors
use to fight in battles, in wars, and yeah, warrior use that to defeat their enemy. So
Broadsword is very, is also another important technique in Shaolin. Another important type
of weapon that is use in Shaolin. Now let me introduce you the different parts of the
Broadsword. Okay, right here, this part is considered the blade of the Broadsword. It
is often use to chop. Use to chop stuff. This part is considered the back. This one here’s
the edge or the tip of the Broadsword. This whole thing right here, including the back,
the blade, the tip is called the body of the Broadsword. Right here, we have the handle,
right here we have the handle where we grab, and this one is the handle that protects our
hands. And some Broadswords, we got the cotton around this area, which I don’t have right
now, the cotton. And the purpose of the cotton is to use to confuse the enemy, okay. So that
is the introduction to the Broadsword. So let’s review this. This part is the blade,
the back, the tip, and the whole thing right here is the body, handle, handle’s protection,
and in some Broadswords, they have the cotton that’s tied to this part. That’s called the
Tao Tsai. That thing makes it beautiful, makes the Broadsword beautiful when one swings the
Broadsword. And another purpose of the cotton below here is for confusing the enemies. And
ladies and gentlemen, that is the basic introduction of the Broadsword.

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  1. The thin blades are used because they're quicker, and they stay sharp longer. Good for killing people without good armor. Heavy swords are for crushing bones through plate and chainmail, not for slicing.

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