Kung Fu Weapon Training & Meihuaquan : Kung Fu Bo Staff Moves 7-12

Now let us continue with the next section
of the Shaolin Staff. Starting from the previous section, okay, you’re going to jump with your
left leg, it’s going to change place with your right leg, and you’re going to strike
the stick out; one. Now you’re going to let go the stick like that, smack, turn that way;
two, let go. Okay, step forward, swing the stick around you once in the front, go to
your back, jump, now we’re going to crouch and smack the floor, okay, up, one, okay.
Now let’s go again. Starting from here, okay, you’re going to switch place on to your legs
by rotating to jump; one, two let it go, strike, three let it go, step forward, rotate the
Staff, jump, down, up, one. Okay, let’s go again, one last time. Starting from the other
position, jump one, two, three, rotate, jump, down, four, five. Okay ladies and gentlemen
this concludes this section of the Shaolin Staff lesson.

25 thoughts on “Kung Fu Weapon Training & Meihuaquan : Kung Fu Bo Staff Moves 7-12

  1. This is great! I have spent the past 2 weeks learning steps 1-6. Now I will work hard on these moves. I will not stop till I learn all of them. Thank you so much (bows)

  2. I pass about 3 days on the first seccion, now i'm on the second!!!! yeah!!, thanks. i'm going to finish all this form.
    in the way, do you have the red fist (we name it like that) or the great red fist???

  3. Shaolin Kung fu hardly has a basis for fighting. Although it is a possibility, it is mainly a form of becomming more healthy both physically and mentally for long hours of meditation…thats why it was used in monasterys.

  4. well maybe these movements aren't made to be berformed in combat. maybe they're made to condition the body. I don't realy know, but shaolin has been around since a while and has built up quite a reputation

  5. u know shaolin its pretty good but the best part of it it's that they care about life itself that's why their staffs r all bendy cuz they wanted 2 protect themselves but also trying not to kill anyone that's why when they hit it would hurt but may not kill u and also they're masters of bo staff cuz when the japanese pirates where the shaolin temple was. The shaolin people took them out of there with just staffs, amazing ain't it.

  6. U know i did a research and i found that hilierious enough an acctually student from a shaolin temple said that also, because if they really wanted to kill they would have all those things from ninjatsu, but they're peaceful that's what i most like. weather u like to hurt people, just try to be in peace with everyone and help the needed. and if u want flexible and durable use ash, i hope that's the right word, it's use in baseball bats.

  7. hey bro, i bet u watch george lopez that last phrase is from him, i've heard it before, not just the bad grammar but the Hispanic accent, i'm not saying that my grammar is perfect but it's funny how u right everything correctly and u say dad, ps: i'm not insulting u so don't take it the wrong way! peace God bless you! and all ur family!

  8. hey bro i'm sorry if i ofended u, i didn't mean it like that. i'm christian so, i didn't mean it with a bad intention but i believe everyone is important. and anyhow as u wish. i'll not do it again. and by the way what are the blue happy pills?

  9. Stop bickering about martial arts. The best technique is the one that works. Give respect to each art as they all have strong and weak points.

  10. @randomusprime It's the Artist never the art. All Arts are equal, whether or not it works is dependent on how good the the Artist is.

  11. @LiliumCruorem That's basically what I said. Did I state anywhere that any art was superior? Thus meaning it is about an individual's technique. I said people need to stop bickering. Please reread what I wrote. Respect.

  12. Shoalin forms are more like conditioning skills as opposed to teaching anything about fighting. They are really good at developing control over the weapon and the body.

  13. Lol, I tried this once, and I have no idea wtf happened, but I managed to slap myself in the back of the head with that damn stick – and it hurts like shiet xD

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