Kung Fu Weapon Training & Meihuaquan : Kung Fu Bo Staff Moves 25-32

Continuing from the previous section, now
I’m going to show you the last section of the Shaolin Staff. Okay, if you combine all
the section together, you should be able to learn a form of Shaolin, the Shaolin in short
Staff. So let’s continue from previous section. From here, you want to block down with your
stick, raise your right knee like that; one, go head down from top to bottom, and now you’re
going to let go this hand, strike this way. Now, you’re going to raise your left knee,
go up, okay, go down, hit; one, two, three, four, turn, strike, come back, jump, hop;
one, this way, two; hop, three; hop, four; one, two, three, carry the stick over your
shoulder, turn, kick, both switch hands; one, to your back kick, down, aahhh! And you finish
the form. Let’s go again ladies and gentlemen. From here, one, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten, switch; two, three; one, in one, turn, two; hit the floor, carry
over your shoulder, kick, turn, switch hands; one, kick, two, three, hah! One last time.
From here, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen,
turn, kick, switch hands, up kick, down, haah! And ladies and gentlemen, this concludes the
Shaolin Staff.

34 thoughts on “Kung Fu Weapon Training & Meihuaquan : Kung Fu Bo Staff Moves 25-32

  1. This was the most complicated section. I loved it. The staff is quite possibly my favorite weapon. Unfortunately, if I were to try to follow along right now, I'd put a hole in the wall.

  2. HA HA AH AH OH man wow!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YEah kung fu is fake, and bruce lee wasnt shit because he wasnt in K-1 or UFC! right???
    wow!! UFC is so bad ass and its the best because it has rules and kung fu doesnt!!! Ufc is a sport, and Kung Fu is a self defense actually used to save a life……but it doenst compare to UFC RIGHT?!?!?!?
    .,,,,,,you gotta be kidding me

  3. -7??? damn does anyone not know sarcasm?
    dam you guys are whack here on youtube.
    Look at my profiles dumbasses! youll see i was sarcastic about MMA being better than Kung Fu

  4. you know its funny how you are a critic on my personality but you do not know my personality…

    maybe you should follow your own advice…

    My personality has sarcasm in it, as a way of showing i am not uptight….so maybe you should try to learn to read others personalities before accusing them of having a bad one

  5. and by your reply, i know what type of person you are. You are the type of person who does not understand a joke, and cannot handle Sarcasm. Therefor you are uptight, ignorant and oblivious to higher forms of a joke, and on top of that you are a person who thinks they know it all and knows everything about someone just by what they type on a keyboard.
    Is it not a known phrase in martial arts and in general to "not judge a book by its cover"?

  6. when those staffs hit the body, something will snap alright, but I gaurantee you, if you use it correctly,. the staff isn't gong anywhere….. Those HURT to get hit with, and don't break very easily. They're built for punishment.

  7. i also have learned by reading this that both of you are obviously childish. Arguing on youtube? really now? Come on guys, ustolminame has a point, that Kung Fu is for the mind AND body. Not a sport. But JKD117 is also right that it was a joke and not meant in a serious manner either way. Both you guys should just stop right now. And JKD117, there is no need for bad language like that. Come on guys, is this what honor, nobility, and humbleness has come to? Peace.

  8. To know men is to be wise; to know oneself is to be illumined. and these sticks are designed to not kill.

  9. sounds like a japanese style staff all of the japaness staff forms i know use a more rigid one and the kung fu forms i know use a more flexable one if you want to lern how to use it i would find a good teacher careful though there are a lot of worthless ones out ther

  10. Norcalsfinest21, ok, headlock you say? There are monks that train their necks to resist being pierced by metal spears, I suppose they could at least attempt to resist a headlock.

  11. when u do a turn strike with a staff arent u suppose to keep the butt of the staff away from ur arm pit so then u can do another attack just in case u miss, because once u have it under ur arm there is a delay between ur next move and ur apponent.

  12. @marasam88. First I mean no offense. I practice Kung Fu since 4 years, and I commend you that, DONT try to learn Kung Fu to learn how to fight, if you do, your reason will be egoistical and you will fail. Train because you want to learn how to open your mind and to help other people, and then you will triumph. Budah bless you

  13. @marasam88 I wish you the best of luck in learning kung fu on your own. I admire that! May (preferred religious term) be with you! 😀

  14. hey guys, in a real fight how would you use these forms? because to me it doesn't make sense to do this whole procedure if you're just fighting one guy. Or can you adapt the moves to be used on their own without the rest?

    I just started kung fu, only had two lessons so far but i'm loving it 😀

  15. They train you to use the staff and adapt techniques and moves to really use plus you can show off will you kick ass

  16. Hey man! I really think you've helped me a lot!!! Thanks so much for your helpful videos! The only thing I would say to help your channel a bit more is to just turn up your microphone a bit more. Otherwise, your videos are awesome and very helpful! Thanks so much man! I've learned a lot! Keep up the great work and I hope you continue! Thanks!

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