Kung Fu Weapon Training & Meihuaquan : Kung Fu Bo Staff Moves 1-6

In this segment of the video, I’m going to
show the Staff Form, Shaolin Yin Shou Gun, one of the oldest form of Shaolin Kung Fu.
Now let’s begin. Stand straight. Looking forward. Bow. Pointing your Stick down, open your left
leg. One, salute. Ah Mi Tou Fu! One, kick your stick with your right leg, kick, rotate
your hands, catch your stick, go down; two, raise your left knee, push; three, down, turn,
one, two, three, Horse Stance. Okay, let’s go again. Standing straight. Bow. One. Ah
Mi Tou Fu! One, kick, turn, grab down, up push, turn your stick, one, two. Okay, one
more time. Standing straight. Bow. One, two- kick, turn, down, up push, down, turn. One,
two, three, looking at the tip. Okay. Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes section one
of the first six movements of the Shaolin Staff.

88 thoughts on “Kung Fu Weapon Training & Meihuaquan : Kung Fu Bo Staff Moves 1-6

  1. honestly, lol, this stuff is the kind thats not meant to be learned off the internet like this. Especially when learning, people just copy down the motion and don't do the moves correctly

  2. Great Video. I agree with Happymunkee, But the net is all some have, plus its a good start.. The teacher breaks it down pretty well..

  3. yeah yeah exactly
    no basics involved…like people might not have the strength or flexibility to do some stances…or not do them at all and neglect them and just learn the staff moves

  4. do you people know why hand to hand combat and this are one of the oldest forms of shaolin kung fu? you noticed the staff is not a bladed and a non lethal weapon, that's cuz they wanted to make their oponents survive (a sword would be lethal) after defeating em, cuz they believe every human is a good person inside, so they wont kill him but try to change his mind… wonderful philosophy…

  5. The staff can be one of the deadliest weapons. It was used to devastating effect by French soldiers. A solid hit by a staff can crush skulls. Like any weapon it can be used in a non lethal fashion, but it is most definitely not non lethal.

  6. I practice with the Bo, but these seem way lighter then the hard wood ones we use. Would require friggin amount of muscles to pull that of with a normal bo.

  7. the belt system is not kung fu,Gung fu ison sash/level system and seniority is based on when you entered as a disciple. belts you find in Korean and Japanese disciplines.

  8. with all the respect sifufaster you are 50% wrong and right, the wrong side is that actually yes kung fu has belt system there is wu shu what means martial arts in chinese they use belt system… to be nominated "sifu" you must be black belt… if not they you are not a "sifu"

  9. if you want cheap go to home depot or lowes and look in the molding section it's called round stock it's about 1.25 USD a foot get a six foot section and its 1 1/4 diameter or get a mop lol

  10. Waxwood staffs tend to have a fair amount of variation in thickness, curvature, etc, as they are actual branches. They tend to taper to a smaller diameter at one end. That said, that are delightfully strong and flexible, and in my opinion a lot more fun to wield than a bamboo or rattan staff.

  11. @BadBlueBoy213
    The actual truth is that a staff or anything that resembles a staff is very common on streets and is very effective, that is why the chinese uses them. Also, a staff could also be deadly. And many shaolin kung fu taught nowadays could be fake, because after the burnout of one of the shaolin temples, many writings and documented books are lost and so is many traditional shaolin kung fu, history, and healing methods.

  12. @super1commenter there is no fake shaolin martial art; it's just more improved & they tried to recover most of the kung fu ( the ones who escaped ) there are wushu people who wear monks clothing but who are not monks ( just wanted to tell people that )

  13. @Kniitte
    Ther IS fake shaolin martial arts. Some shaolin temple you see nowadays and MOST classes that says that they teaches shaolin kung fu actually teaches some modern day china martial arts rather than traditional shaolin kung fu. And I KNOW that there are people who wear a monk's clothing but are not monks, what's ur point? Just like a man wearing skirt doesn't make them a woman!

  14. @super1commenter I JUST SAID IT FOOL; those so-call fake martial art is WUSHU but GUESS WHAT? you NEED TO FUCKING NEED MORE HISTORY BEFORE YOU EVEN SAY ANYTHING, i learn wushu AND GUESS WHAT BITCH? im mad & what did you mean by " SOME shaolin temple" tell me, how many shaolin temple are there? and you know how long shaolin martial art have been on the face of earth? everything traditional will sooner or later lose some of it fundamentals but it does not mean you can go around callin stuff fake

  15. @Kniitte
    You obviously either do not learn martial arts, or is bad in learning martial arts. A good martial artists doesn't get agitated like that over something like this. Guess what? I tell you, there are MANY shaolin temples in the world, but only a few are real. I also did not say that this stuff is fake, I just said that there are many fake shaolin temples and so called shaolin martial arts on earth. A significant of shaolin kung fu had been destroyed due to the fire, not just over time.

  16. @super1commenter guess what bitch, im human, i do get mad, just cause i learn martial art it does not mean i have great discipline of my anger; there is only ONE shaolin temple & that's in song shan; if i may correct you; the temple was destroyed but guess what? there were survivors so they rebuild the temple, they couldn't fully bring back everything but they did developed new techniques let me ask u this did u learn martial art too?

  17. @Kniitte
    If you learn martial arts and fail at controlling yourself, you failed at learning. The shaolin temple in mountain Song is the original one, but other temples had also been built, distributing martial arts, and most are not shaolin martial arts. After they rebuild the temple, many books are lost and many information are gone, but however, some new techniques are made again. So a lot of people are teaching "kung fu" in the name of shaolin, which is bad. Also, I learn learn martial arts.

  18. @super1commenter first, yes i admit at failing at controlling my emotions but that does not effect me while i train or affect my other disciplines & if you learn martial art; you also know that you shouldn't degrade any type of other martial art, whether if it's fake or real that should be the first thing you learn and as far as i know, even the chinese government only consider the song shan shaolin temple the only shaolin temple there is & i know about the temples before song shan also

  19. @Kniitte
    Actually, I did not degrade any other martial art, I just said that there are some martial arts that have no relationship with shaolin kung fu, but says that they are shaolin kung fu, and that there ARE real shaolin kung fu existing.

  20. shaolin kung fu was made to help people protect themselves and their farms from wild animals and people, they used regular farming equipment, they still practice with those farming tools today

  21. @fatmanontherun
    Dude, All it take is an evil mind to kill. Any child can poison the drinking water system and get alot of people killed. Defeat is not the same as getting killed. There are un-civilise people in this world who would rather kill you than to admit defeat. I hope you understand what i mean and why "not killing" is a noble thing.

  22. @dynastyflygon "i took kung fu for like half a year and im still at the basic stances"
    You have a very good school. Don't give up!

  23. @feeshmaninpisa It should be approximately your own height, so when you're swinging it, it won't hit the floor.

    That's the way I was taught at least.

  24. I'm learning this form currently! I have added it as a part of my 1000 days of kung fu.
    Im on my 512th day, and I have learned the first 3 sections of this technique.
    Staying strong!

  25. It's an art "fool" , moving meditation, it's good for your mind. You'll never use this in a fight ,but it sure looks interesting , I'd love to learn it.

  26. He is a Kung Fu master from Shaolin Temple. He has his own studio in Southern California and teach adults and children.

  27. There are elements of this you’ll use in a fight, no situation is the same, you won’t follow the exact form! It gives you the balance and muscle memory for free expression to engage.

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