Hello, I’m Sifu O’Mallon with the Clearwater
Kung Fu Center. This is my assistant Melissa and this is Kung Fu for Health. Our warm-up
exercise is going to be focusing on our hip joints. With this hips exercise is going to
be what’s called a Hips Circle, okay, so what you’re going to do is you’re going to bring
your feet about a shoulder width apart. Your arms can be down by your side, to extra, help
you with your stability and balance. You’re going to be lifting your left knee. Okay,
left knee is going to come up toward your right side, and then it’s going to circle
out and place itself back down. Now the right knee comes to your left side, circle up and
out. Okay and you’re going to repeat this several times on both sides. In the beginning
you just want to move nice and slow through the action, right. And then as you increase
it, you can really reach and lift higher with the knee each time. You’ll find that this
will really warm up the inside of the glut, the inside of your hips, and your inner thigh
as well. And this is Hip Circling. There’s several variations of this exercise, okay,
as you become more advanced but this one is the one we’ll focus on now. This is how we
perform Hip Warm-ups for Kung Fu for Health.

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