kung fu training exercises.

I started learning this “gwonbeob” in 2016 first. “gwonbeob” is the training method of continuous attack action. At first, Follow it awkwardly. Everyone starts like this. As textbooks .. as educated .. Complete training exercises in 2018. It is fast, straight, strong motion. that is a Korean traditional kungfu style. Basic training exercises will be learned in a few months. This is the limit that my master teaches me. The rest of the education is made by the “gwonbeob”
itself and myself. So had to find a training method for me. It is simply not a slow operation. The brain is in full operation. Because make the same image as the contents of my book .. The book is only in 2D. But my brain draws 3D. In addition, there is time, space and energy. The meaning, understanding, application process of this operation is more difficult. In November 2018, the action was completed with meaning. It is still very slow. The motion becomes very delicate. And it has the meaning of fatal killing for survival. The meanings are rational, scientific and there is no waste of energy. It is really a precious heritage. After a few days, the condition is good. Consciousness, movement and rhythm work simultaneously and are harmonious. This training method is the first experience. Everything was ready. November 18, 2018 Kung Fu Contest I find it difficult to harmonize mind and body perfectly. A mistake occurs in the next action. Here is the position of the foot. passing.. My consciousness in this short time … Think of this image. Beyond here … Fall into my virtual world too deeply. When come back to reality, Lost sense of direction. Then the mind and body do not move at the same time, and the balance is broken. Now the state of chaos. The function of consciousness is stopped. Consciousness is lost and only the body moves. This is an unexpected new experience. I realized that the process of knowing the meaning of movement and putting it in the “gwonbeob” was very difficult and difficult. It was a valuable experience.

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