Kung Fu Techniques : Kung Fu Twisting Punch

Hi, my name is Dan Schmidt from the Chinese
Martial Arts Center and today we’re going to be showing you the proper Twisting Punch.
Okay, you could start from the feet together, fist to hip position. Okay, you want to step
out in a Horse Stance. Okay. Now, the Twisting Punch, you twist in a Bow, and you throw the
punch straight out with your shoulders in a line. You want to keep the chest straight,
the buttocks tucked in, front thigh parallel, back leg straight. Now, in the Twisting Punch
you perform two actions. Okay. Twisting with the Sleeve Block and then executing the second
punch. Okay. You want to do it at the same time, so you block, shift, and then punch
straight out. Okay, from the side view. Okay, you notice the shoulders are in a line, front
leg is parallel, then he blocks straight up, twists, punch. Then again, blocks straight
up, twists and punch. Now, it’s very important as you perform the blocking and the punch,
that you stay level, so that way you have the proper distance for the punch and you
don’t compromise your power. Okay. Some common applications for the Twisting Punch, if someone
hooks to your head, so you’ve Sleeve Block straight out, and at the same time, punch
to the ribs or to the chest. Okay. Or if they punch straight to the chest this way, you
just twist, block straight up, punch to the armpit, punch to the ribs, okay. And also
if they punch, you can block, punch straight to the face. But it’s very important, you
don’t want to throw a block, and then stop and then punch. So it’s perform at the same
time, block, punch. If he punches again, block, punch. That is the proper way to perform a
Twisting Punch.

30 thoughts on “Kung Fu Techniques : Kung Fu Twisting Punch

  1. this is so wrong its painful to watch, du u even know wat style this is from…CRANE its called a CRANE punch go learn real kung fu noob

  2. yea, kung fu is at the top, then tai chi (Chinese stuff is the best, in my opinion), Then thai boxing, then taekwondo, then karate, then judo. Judo sucks.

  3. there;s also a good technique known as the dart… basically you block, then twirl the arms around and as his arm goes in a circle move ur hand closer in a pecking style punch, fingers facing straight out. then strike his neck or the area between the ribs or the shoulder joint.

  4. I must comment that your comment is awesome and hilarious 😀
    "an army of kung fu expert" lmao 😛

    and your probably right, I'd say only 5% of the people criticizing the video actually know what they are talking about and can perform those moves.

    I also really like seeing the differences between the same punch from Choy Lay Fut (the style I know fairly well) compared to other styles of kung fu. Just because there is a variation in the execution, doesn't make it wrong or right, only different.

  5. judo sucks because the moves I seen leave huge openings, like for example the judo shoulder throw exposes the whole back, with all its pressure points, the neck, head, and crotch.

  6. who tested it? cause "they" is rather ambiguous and is a proof surrogate, not real evidence.
    I'm going to go with you were referring to Fight Science. One of Fight Science's criticisms was that it only really measured the abilities of each individual fighter, not their respective arts (which would require more people from each).

    That said, no martial art is the best. It all depends on the skill of the person practicing it.

    And haven't heard of Bruce Lee? he practiced kung fu before JKD.

  7. or how about the Shaolin Monks, who are renown for their great strengths and martial abilities.

    besides, there's only so many ways you can throw one type of punch (a jab, hook punch, back fist), so I doubt that any art has any major difference in power or speed that doesn't easily top an untrained brawler. Plus, Kung Fu teaches to use the whole body in a punch that is meant to be really powerful. Specifically the large muscles that generate power and the small ones that guide it.

  8. There are many styles, some of which I have to say are better than the other. So they might've gotten a sucky style of kung fu. Specifically, shaolin is the best. And it doesn't focus on getting a strong hit only, it focuses on getting a hit at all.

  9. every attack leaves an oppening… …the sholder throw is a very powerful move that can end a fight, and the short period of being open is why throws are mainly used as conter attacks.

  10. mr. teamventure08;

    you are the one stating that Kung Fu is weak. I am merely suggesting people who might change your mind about that. If you were to force a confrontation with me, first I would see if I could break some stuff on you with my Japanese Jo, which I carry with me all the time. If that didn't work, I'd pull out my .45 and try to pump 14 or 21 bullets (2 or 3 magazines) into you. That's what you call an old guy's Kung Fu. I really think that you wouldn't stand a chance.

  11. how da hell can something so variable as a punch or kick be "wrong", just because it is executed different from what some people claim is right? that is not even logical. imo there is nothing wrong with the video or the punch. Not what i would do but who cares?

  12. haha dude i cant believe you dont get it. ok well i guess i can prove it to you. try punching as hard as you can. then do the same thing but exhaling as much as possible. then do the same thing in the stances that these guys do it. ull see a difference trust me. take like one trial class of kung fu or taekwondo and put a lot of power into their forms.

  13. well technically kung fu is, in fact,the best style. the shaolin monks were geniuses. but it really depends on the person and how much practice, training, and dedication he or she puts into it. its said it would take more than a lifetime to truly learn kung fu, and grappling martial arts (i forgot the name, jujitsu or something) all you do to train is press weights, so…

  14. @oron1977 do you practice external or internal style taichi? i am studying northern mantis and before that pai lum kungfu but i have seen taichi in action and it is deceptively strong i respect taichi as a martial art and people that say it is just an excersise well i make sure to explain to them the theory behind it

  15. @oscarcjones

    from 13 years of kungfu i've had now i learned 1 thing i saw the 1st in video that was completely wrong.

    NEVER punch with your shoulder.

  16. well i'll tell you…they obviously say that some kicks are right and some not, because the wrong ones can actually get you hurt…so you must learn the proper way to defend yourself not HARM yourself

  17. In that sense, I totally agree. Comment was not on recommendations or lessons on safe moves / low risc moves. I was commenting on the ever appearing claims "this is the right style, the best style, the right move, the right response to whatever…" I have a problem with such superficial statements! If they were to say look, in this situation, with your abilities/physical situation, ***technique will likely be harmful/risky for yourself if executed like this…deal. But was not happening.

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