Kung Fu Techniques : Kung Fu Monkey Stance

Hi, my name is Dan Schmidt from the Chinese
Martial Arts Center and today we’re going to be showing you the Monkey Stance. Okay,
so the Monkey Stance, from feet together position, hands on the hips. You want to keep the shoulders
relax, chest straight, okay. So, on one leg, you want to go right on the tip of your toes.
You want to squeeze the thighs together and you want to sink down as far as you can. And
if you notice, when doing the stance, you want to keep the back completely straight,
buttocks tucked in, head erect, shoulders nice and squared, chest out. You don’t want
to lean forward or backward. Okay, and all the weight, just about is on the flat foot,
about seventy percent of the weight. Okay, in just on the tippy toe, you want about thirty
percent. Now, it’s very important that you don’t let your legs come apart. You want to
squeeze the thighs together, you don’t want any gaps, okay, and keep the back straight.
Now this stance is good for like once in attacks or dodging or retreating. Okay, now if he
was to punch me, okay, this stance trains, okay, moving straight in, punching this way.
If he was to hook to the head, okay, you can lean, dodge in, this way. So it trains you
to balance on one side of your body. Okay. And also at the Monkey Stance, okay, you don’t
want to twist your shoulders forward. Okay. If you go like this, this will throw your
balance off or if you go the other way, it will throw your balance off. So nice and straight,
keep the feet flat except for the one foot and straight down. That is the proper way
of doing the Monkey Stance.

13 thoughts on “Kung Fu Techniques : Kung Fu Monkey Stance

  1. I have been practicing since i was 7 years old..I am much older now, still learning , but the arsefuckers I have tadown,unconsious, left for dead, as far as we were concerned was the best feeling of my entire life,after being a slight ,shorter guy in high school…Awesome ,shay,shay,to my trainers.

  2. um… Why exactly is this called the monkey stance? I mean it doesn't look very monkeyish, and I've never seen anyone using a stance like that in Tai Shing Mun(monkey kung fu) practises, so I'm just wondering why is it called that?

  3. @the2lund , Duai le'! Correct! this stance is Ding-Bu! Although this is used in Monkey-style forms,…it should have folded-palms in this position, or the hands in 'monkey-peeping' position, as if looking for something, …otherwise it is just 'ding-bu' not actually a specific 'Monkey' stance. If that was the case', EVERY stance in a monkey-form could be called a 'monkey' stance,..hahaha! Maybe 'expert-village' should look into their teachers before deeming them 'Experts',…lol'.

  4. Well this stance is not a Ding Bo. If you do a Ding Bo, you have to put the Toe Tip more in your front. So this stance is mostly used in northern styles and is called the xu bo. You can see this stance a couple of times in the northern cudgel Form "Yin shou Gun"……

  5. I'm not sure you would actually use this in a fight, of course it looks good for building up the muscles, but Yee Gee Kim Yung Ma in Wing Chun (I'm not sure if I spelt that right) is probably better for building up muscles.

  6. @firedragonwarrior Empty stance(cat stance) is with the foot in the front.
    I can't totally agree with the last thing the guy sad in the video.
    If you're interest in the stances.. watch Zhuang gong Wugulun on Youtube.
    The traditional ones. You can use in fight, but I would'nt recommend the way in this video.

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