Kung Fu Stretches : Kung Fu Straddle Stretch

Hello, I’m Sifu Mallon with the Clearwater
Kung Fu Center, this is my assistant Melissa, and this is kung fu for health. The stretch
that we’re going to be performing is called straddle stretch. This is a seated stretch,
so let’s go ahead and have a seat onto the floor, Melissa. Okay, now from this position,
you’re going to slowly allow the legs to go outward and to an angles out 45 degrees. Okay,
now to adjust yourself you can push your hands behind the hips, right, then push yourself
forward a little more. Now you only want to go to the point to where you start feeling
the stretch, you don’t want to go to the point to where you feel pain in your joints, okay?
Now, you want to make sure your toes are pointing up, and now your hands are going to come in
front of you this way. Now you want to keep that nice posture in your back, straight through
the spine to the top of the head. Now this one is an important one, to keep your breathing
in control. So you want to breathe in nice and slow through your nose and exhale nice
and slowly out through the nose. You want to make sure to get a nice deep exhale. Now
every time you feel that exhale happen you want to release the tension and you can walk
your hands forward a little bit more, so after each breath, you try to just barely inch your
hands forward. As you continue to work the stretch, you’ll continue to see your progression
and eventually your body will be flat on the floor to where your heels will be touching,
your forehead will be touching, your hands will be reaching all the way out. This is
an important stretch for your inner thighs, your groin, and your lower back. This is called
straddle stretch, and this is kung fu for health.

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