Kung Fu Stances : Kung Fu: Horse Stance Walking

Hello I’m Sifu Mallon with the clear water
Kung Fu center; this is my assistant Mellissa and this is Kung Fu for help. We’re going
to working on foot work for stances; we’re going to do what’s called horse stance walking.
To begin with I’m going to demonstrate it first; you place both hands onto your waist,
you’re going to step out with your right foot twice the distance of your shoulders; you
bend your knees, make sure your tail-bone is tucked; your back is straight, this is
a horse position. From here you’ll turn your forward staying in the low position; this
foot turns out as much as you can, your rear foot and leg still remains bent; and you thrust
off this leg stepping forward, landing as you see with my toe to heel. I’ll turn this
way; same thing again, this foot will turn; this heel lifts slightly, both knees are still
bent and I thrust off the back foot landing with my toe first; horse stance. I’m going
o have Mellissa go ahead and demonstrate it; she starts with her hands on the waist, step
to the horse stance. You’ll see that the toes are pointing forward parallel; shoulders are
relaxed, back is straight. She’s going to turn the forward foot out as much as possible;
this helps turning this foot out and putting the pressure onto the ball of the foot, and
this gives you a little more movement. Push threw with this leg; land toe first. Same
thing coming back this direction; step threw flick, land; very good. This is boast; this
is horse stance walking Kung Fu for help.

43 thoughts on “Kung Fu Stances : Kung Fu: Horse Stance Walking

  1. Not really. It's a real common misconception. In traditional chinese pronounciation, it's "Shi Fu", but sounds more like "si fu".

  2. It really depends on what dialect of Chinese your teacher speaks, if he speaks Mandarin or a Northern dialect then it is pronounced "Shi Fu" or if the speaker speaks Cantonese then it would be "Si Fu" pronounced like 'see foo'.
    (check out some Mandarin and Cantonese Kung Fu movies to hear the difference)

  3. IMO only a chinese person can wear such an outfit and still look remotely cool…

    This guy looks ridiculous and (saying this with no chinese M.A. experience though) his "kung fu" probably sucks quite a bit.

  4. …Even the beginners at my place are better at mabo than he is. And it's sifu, not shifu. At least buy a book about kung-fu before trying to teach.

  5. I know… people these days have no respect for traditional martial arts. I don't know how people can expect martial artists to be able to do amazing things without starting from these basics.

    Horse stance is concentrated pain. O_o
    Yet, I broke your record with 3 minutes 6 seconds ;).

  6. not really..this stance stretches those hamstrings and develops leg muscles, helps a lot esp if you have an office job or need some good stretching. a good warm up is to "take a shit" up and down with both toes pointed outwards as many times as possible

  7. Kung fu is the toughest martial arts sports out there, trust me. Doesn't mean it's the best (there is no best way, no one way) but the training is the hardest (if you have a good sensei). Got to love the pain 🙂

  8. I just started kung fu last week, I can only do it for like 1 min and 30 seconds…

    Around 10 years ago, my sifu had to do it for 1 hour lol :p (that's a real killer).

  9. I found his stance pretty alien to me. For our horse stances, we have our feet directly below our knees, about shoulder width apart, the upper body position is the same though.

  10. In true Mandarin pronounciation it's "Shi-Fu".
    I try not to spend my whole training time on useless details like whether I call my teacher in the Americanized way or the traditional way.

  11. I'm not even close to being an american. My master Yu Yan Kai spells it sifu, not shifo. Think before you post comments. Obviosly you do seem to lack brains so it might be impossible asking it of you. Problably you're just a kid trying to act all big.

  12. Hello all and nice video !
    I train karate and we have a stance like this too ! :D, but we walk in another way.

    Anyways, nice video and keep the good work.

  13. this is called "walk like the crab" or "let the crab do the walking" you have to be a master to learn that….

  14. @morseson Actually, the horse stance was originally used for training soldiers how to fight with a weapon on horseback if they're weren't horses available or they couldn't afford one. It isn't applicable when fighting on foot.

  15. I'm just a gung fu beginner and I see several people bashing this man's demonstration. May someone please explain to me why this man is apparently "a fake"?

  16. As far as I can see, It's a clueless man playing dress up.

    Heh, stretching in his Pjs.

  17. @ImpossibleIsNothin people on here arent bashing, but we just see simple imperfections that a Si Fu should NOT be making, just search for horse stances and eventually you will find one that good, i hope this answers your question let me know if you have any other questions

    Peace and Love

  18. This is not horse stance. Your toes should point out with the knee's on the same direction as the toes are pointing to. With the knee's in the good position, your legs (parallel) should be standing straight on the ground.

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