Kung Fu Stances : Kung Fu: Bow Stance Walking

Hello, I’m Sifu O’Mallon, with the Clearwater
Kung Fu Center. This is my assistant Melissa, and this is Kung Fu for Health. We’re going
to be working on what is called stance footwork, and we’re going to begin with what’s called,
Bow Stance Walking. I’m going to demonstrate the technique for you, and then I’m going
to have my assistant Melissa, demonstrate a few times, so I can point out some of the
finer details. To begin with, we’re going to start to the side of the position here.
Your hands draw to your waist. You’re going to turn your left foot out first. You’re going
to step forward with your right foot, and you’re going to allow your right heel to touch
the floor first, stepping into our Bow and Arrow Stance. Make sure your hips and your
shoulders are forward. To move, you’re going to allow your right foot to turn outward,
opening up about forty five degrees, keeping this knee bent. You’re going to step through
with your rear foot, and as the foot comes up, you’re going to perform, what’s called
a flick. Step through. Turn the foot. Back foot comes up, step. Hey Melissa, can I have
you demonstrate this? Both hands are on to the waist. Our feet are together. You can
turn out your right foot, forty five degrees, and now step forward with your left foot,
and letting your heel touch, good. The body is turned square. The hips are square the
back leg is nice and straight. Now, she’s going to turn her forward foot out, and come
through with a flicking step, good, and you’ll see as the heel comes down, it’s very important.
It makes the motion very smooth. Turning the opposite way, just twist yourself this way.
Turn your front toe out. Step through, good. This is called Bow Stance Walking, Kung Fu
for Health.

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