Kung Fu Side Kicks : Kung Fu Tiger Tail Kick

Hi my name is Dan Schmidt from the Chinese
Martial Arts Center and today we are going to be showing you the proper way to form the
tiger tail kick. Alright from the fighting position, you want to switch down. Place the
hands on the floor; keep your knee close to your body. You don’t want your knee to go
out to the side. Be on the ball of the foot, look where you are going to be performing
the kick. Pick up the leg and kick straight out and immediately you want to get back up.
So again, so he is here, he turns down, put the hands down, pick up the leg and kick.
In fighting speed like this go ahead kick and then up. It is very important that you
maintain your balance that you can get up and go down as fast as you have to. So when
you do this kick this kick is good for kicking low limbs like the knees or the groan or the
chest or even the rib area. So if I went to the top, if I was going to rush in he can
drop down kick straight under the arm or my chest area or also if I was to move in he
can kick straight at the knee so I move in right there. Also if I was to be wildly swinging
he can kick right to the solar plex if I score myself 1, 2, ok straight in. That is the proper
way to perform the tiger tail kick.

71 thoughts on “Kung Fu Side Kicks : Kung Fu Tiger Tail Kick

  1. i would never put my ass on the ground in a fight if i didnt have to. yu dont have to get that fancy. if you come to punch me i can parry it or use a face block outside, inside block or just move out of the way.

  2. Well guys I think this IS usefull in streetfight too!

    If the attacker wants to punch you, you can use this Tiger Tail kick: you evade the attack (by going down) + kick the opponent straigh in torso!

  3. this move is amazingly good for me as i am small but i have fair good leg strength and some big guys push me around but there my mates but it p*sses me off so i can own there ass!!

  4. Hmm, personally I feel that a roll out or even changing the kicking leg into your leading leg would be the optimal use of this move, the latter of the two would also allow for a front kick follow through. Also you really need to do this with great speed as you leave your head, neck and back wide open.

  5. lol this actually helped whenever u get in a real fight with boxers people tend to get scared because they may have real fast hands and may start wildly swinging but all u gotta do when they move in instead of try to curl up in a ball u do the tiger kick to the knee and you may of possibly won the fight that quick. lol tear some ligaments in his knee 😀

  6. jesus christ if someone were to do this at school the other person would grab the leg and break it in half… why would anyone drop to the ground to kick backwords

  7. this happens when the opponent isn't thinking about the next action, gives better defence, is a kick, and you're away from the punch, just think how much that would hurt if he punch then he got kicked in the knee cap or arm-pit. i find this kind of useful, I'ma start practicing xD

  8. I agree, this is a great deceptive move, and gives you room to kick at punching range, whithout any ackward back+forward motion.

  9. While I completely agree, I heard that Kung Fu's strength lies in confusing and overwhelming the opponent by using unorthodox strikes and attacking from all sides at once. Perhaps suddenly going down will be so unusual in a combat situation that it'll surprise the opponent and create an opening?

  10. its an interesting concept, but ive taken 2 'eastern' styles of fighting, and its honestly confusing most of it, drawing your 'chi' back and pushing it out, it never helped me. The fact of the matter and my point is, that when it comes to fighting, stick to easy stuff, and use body motions to aid you, such as a shot to the stoamch will bring the face forward, etc etc. Easy > complex (and useless) in a fight

  11. Wushu is very good if you have years of training and experence with it, but most people don't want to do that or feel they can't so they choose simple stuff which is good, but if you fight someone who knows wushu like a second nature, you better reconsider fighting that persone.

  12. I must have learned a different tiger tail kick… I've only been studying for a year now, but the tiger tail kicks I've seen don't have you kneeling down all the way and popping up the same way. Most I've seen whip your leg around like a spinning heel kick and you stabilize your spin by putting your hand to the ground. Maybe it's a different move and I'm just being ignorant?

  13. excellent technique; suprise ground methods work well in the present MMA days. other strikes like side kicks, jump turning back kick, etc. I found to be very effective against none traditional fighters; if executed with timing, speed and power they increase the element of unpredictibility. Also, it must be understood; Kung Fu is designed for deadly strikes used in selfdefence and quickly dispatching an adversary. Over 80% of Kung Fu techniques are Illegal in the ring.

  14. I believe turning ur back to ur opponent is very dangerous, but I also believe that if this is executed properly, this is an excelent way to disable your opponent enough to get a few hits. But I think your fighting Speed for this move shud be quicker.

  15. @TheMacSan Raped? WTF I see when he has his butt out but rape might be a little excessive. I'm never trying this shit if there's even a small potential of rape…

  16. @dannielpreto Lol, perhaps not in the literal sense of the word save for in a prison. But like anything else in cqc it demands a speed and intensity that just CAN'T be taught over a youtube video.. Thank you for making me laugh though. I needed that.

  17. @TheMacSan What is CQC? Yeah I was joking glad I was able to pass along the laugh as that's what we all need, laughter 😀

  18. @dannielpreto Very much so. Of all the people I've met in martial arts, it's seemingly always the most calm and lighthearted people who are the most talented.

    CQC is just me being too lazy to type out close quarters combat. It's a broad term referring to hand to hand or armed (but not ranged) fighting… This keyboard is old and busted, that's my only excuse for being lazy.

  19. Seems too elaborate to have any application in self protection.
    Would look pretty dope if you were fast enough to pull it off.

  20. @harrys2912 If you're just learning it, yes. Never try to do this in a real fight. It takes a lot of practice to use this effectively as a counterattack, but when you are able to do it, it can end a fight fast.

  21. omg id love to see u jokers go to the Chinese Martial Arts and talk all that crap in front of Shifu Dan lol..Cuz trsuh me the guy looks very cool but he doesnt take shit I know it cuz I used to trained with him

  22. @rammsteingod666 most fights dont happen in the ring. number 2 every move can work ina real life fight depending on the user.

  23. @rammsteingod666 true but you also have to have confidence in ur ability to execute ur techniques to the fullest potential if ur not comfortable dont do it. and fights u rely on ur instinct and reaction to train these techniques to be instinct&reaction is extremely difficult and takes alot of practice. but in the end it is worth it.

  24. The worst part of that kick is turning and dropping. If you're already down, go ahead and kick. But if you're standing, Why drop?

  25. @kabron31 I don't think you're meant to intentionally spin around and onto the ground to kick upwards. Looking at this kick's placement in forms, it was most likely intended to be a striking defense if your opponent pushed you (or otherwise caused you to fall) to the ground with your back facing them.

  26. @WakaTakaB There is a wide enough variety of techniques available to where you should be able to fight comfortably no matter which side you lead with, but traditionally, drills begin leading with your off, so that your main arm/leg has more room to build momentum and isn't as exposed to strikes.

  27. Seems like the chain whip of Tiger strikes — tricky to master, but devastating in the hands (legs?) of a master.

  28. Every kick has flaws. This kick's usefulness looks more like the low spinning leg sweep, if someone were to roundhouse, this kick would amazing to duck under and kick their supporting knee.

  29. my korean instructor told me to stop doing that because we have a tekkyon back kick and i found using my whole body and strong upper helps me kick hard

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