Kung Fu Side Kicks : Kung Fu Rolling Side Kick

Hi, my name is Dan Schmidt from the Chinese
Martial Arts Center and today we’re going to be showing you the proper way to perform
a Rolling Side Kick. So from a starting position, we’re going to go straight into our roll.
Now when you do the roll, you want to try to fall on this part of your body, okay, the
side and back of the arm and along the upper back, along the shoulders. And you want to
tuck your chin in to avoid smacking your head. Okay, as you roll, you land with the Side
Kick, and you want to slap the hands out to break your fall. Okay, so again. So you start
from the fighting position. You go down into the roll and immediately kick. Okay. And if
you notice in the kick, the foot is in a straight line, from the foot straight down to the hip.
Okay, that way you get the proper power, the whole length of the leg. Now how you use this
kick, you can use it either as a defense or as an attack. Okay, as an attack, I could
just, he come on and attacked me, so we’re here we’re fighting, but I’m far away, so
he can roll straight in and kick. See the kick can go anywhere, go to the stomach, go
to my hip to make me fall or you can go straight to the ribs. Okay, he can use that as an attack
combined with a fake. So he could fake me like he’s going to punch high then roll straight
into it. So he punches high, I go to block, then he rolls, then kick straight at me. That’s
the proper way to perform a Rolling Side Kick.

5 thoughts on “Kung Fu Side Kicks : Kung Fu Rolling Side Kick

  1. its ment to be a defensive move usualy its actualy in one of the shaolin forms i know and its to get up and under a hook or punch and is followed by a leg sweep, and everything has a counter there is no perfect move just perfect timing 🙂

  2. I may like this more if coupled with a little jujitsu leg lock to follow or if the side kick accompanied a scissor-leg motion with the other foot to sweep but even then, the movement is dubious. I just don't see the use in purposely bringing yourself to lower ground unless you planned to take down your opponent.

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