Kung Fu School Student Protects Girlfriend Fight Real Footage

People who train in martial arts should try to avoid fights But ever wonder what it’ll be like when the students in a Kung Fu academy get into it? This footage had been circling around Chinese websites showing some students from a Kung Fu academy fighting on campus We can see body parts flying around, so very f**king awesome Though some say it’s choreographed and fake

100 thoughts on “Kung Fu School Student Protects Girlfriend Fight Real Footage

  1. they should have continued filming.. . i want to see them power up to super super saiyan level and continue to fight each other 12 episodes later

  2. So……basicaly,this is main character protec harem member from young master,right? I already read this shit plot many times….

  3. Yup…staged, but still looks good. Nobody would really fight like that, with all the tumbling and flipping. But if they just showed the girl at the beginning of the video, I might have believed it.

  4. I don't care if it's fake. These fights look way cooler than the garbage you see in America's ghetto street brawls.

  5. My friends and I use to do this back in the sixties, I was 14 years old. Fake a fight and while everyone is watching you your buddies rip off the store!

  6. If only real-life fights were this stylish, smh…=) Then all us Asians would look and be that AWESOME. BUT in real life, these guys would get their asses kicked!

  7. you dont usually see people do wushu flips and and aerials in a street fight i guess this would be what it looks like sadly the video is fake

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