Kung Fu Safety Cop [Full Movie]

Another day, another crime in Neo-New York. Are you ready for this, Wayne? That’s true. It’s a good thing I’m retiring tomorrow. Well I’m happy for you, Wayne! If anything were to happen to you… I’d have to give up violence forever. #Well, it’s a good thing I know Kung Fu. I know Wayne. You’re pretty buff. I mean, I’d say the only thing that could probably kill you are explosions. And we don’t meet many of those in our line of work. So where are we going today? Some wannabe gang leader called The Poltergeist. Pretty infamous around these parts. But against us, he doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance. Well, he’ll be no match for the worlds greatest Neo-Cop, Joseph Bonesaw! Poltergeist, the Neo-Cops have arrived! It’s about bloody time. No, sir… It’s Bonesaw! Bonesaw!? You think we can take them? Heh, maybe I’d be worried if you weren’t a kung fu master. That’s a good point, Joe. Let’s go kick butt! Wayne!! Joseph Bonesaw was our best Neo-Cop. But after Wayne Lee died in the fire at the office, he renounced violence and instead dedicated his life to promoting fire safety, to prevent it from ever happening again. God bless you, Bonesaw. God bless. Fire exits… Check. Extinguishers? Check. Looks like this place is… safe. Well, well, well… Joseph Bonesaw. I thought you were dead. Bonesaw is dead. Not as dead as your friend, huh? I can just imagine the headlines now… The Poltergeist kills Joseph Bonesaw! …Get ‘im, boys. Joe. Wayne!? You have the power. You can take them down. But Wayne, I don’t have any weapons! You have kung fu inside of you. … I do know kung fu! You have the power… I- I didn’t mean to hurt the guy, I swear! You didn’t mean to hurt him!? Well- yeah, kind of- Ugh! You didn’t mean to kill my best friend? Hang around. That… was for Wayne.

25 thoughts on “Kung Fu Safety Cop [Full Movie]


  2. 10 out of 10 boys, that film changed my life, you'll be going places, i've helped out on professional sets and by far this was a masterpiece.

  3. some mic work would've improved the hallway scene a bit, but it's a good cheesy short film. Also, +1 for good acting

  4. You damn fuck i Hope you die painfully for this Nonsense bullshit that is aginst humanity, go to hell and take everyone of your goddamn family with you even your retarded dog

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