Hello, I’m Sifu Mallon, with the Clearwater
Kung Fu Center. This is my assistant Melissa, and this is kung fu for health. We’re going
to begin with a breathing exercise called qi quong. This is what’s called qi circulation.
We’re going to begin with our feet together, and we’re going to go ahead, and interlock
your fingers. Now the breath begins; drawing in through your nose, and we want to breathe
what’s called a natural breath, so we’re going to breathe in, lifting the palms up, and you’re
only going to bring them about chest high. From here, you’re going to turn the palms
face down, and exhale slowly and smoothly all the way out. From the full exhale, you’re
going to bring your hands back up, all the way over the center. As you reach over your
head, you’re going to turn palms up. Continue to inhale, hold, and then exhale, and let
your palms drop. Again, Melissa is going to repeat the action; interlocking the fingers.
She’s going to breathe in. Then here, she’s going to flip the palms down, and do a full
exhale, and press down. At this point, the shoulders kind of push in slightly, so you
can really, really get the full exhale. From here, she’s going to draw in her breath this
way, flip the palms over. Now as the palms flip, you’re going to flip palm up, and then
full exhale all the way down. Now this exercise should be done anywhere between ten to fifteen
times daily. This is qi quong for kung fu for health

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