Kung Fu Punch Combos : Kung Fu 1-2 Punch

Hello I’m Sifu Mallon with the Clearwater
Kung Fu Center, this is my assistant Melissa and this is Kung Fu for health. The striking
combination that we’re going to be working on is called our basic “1,2 Punch”. To perform
this, we’ll bring our hands to our waist, chamber position. You just going to step out
with your left foot into what’s called a natural position or just shoulder width apart. Your
legs are straight, there’s no bend in your knees. Your elbows are pulled back, hands
are tightly clenched. To start a combination, you’re going to throw a right hand straight
forward into a straight punch, this is the start position. The 1,2 Punch is a quick rhythm
punch. You’re going to chamber your right hand, punch left hand, as soon as the left
hand executes the punch, it comes right back in right to the right hand. If I’m performing
it quick, it goes… Again, one, two. One, two. Now Melissa demonstrate it a few times
to point out some of the finer details. The legs are straight, the knees are completely
lock. This is important so that you feel rooted to the floor. Starting position is your right
hand is all the way out, firing one punch, two punch. Good. Now as she does this, you
want to really maintain your elbows rubbing your ribs. So in the beginning, it’s okay
to perform the technique slowly. Flip the hand over, bring it straight back in, elbow
rubbing, now fire left hand, now fire right hand. Good. One more time. Turn, pull in,
turn, pull out. You also want to make sure that if this goes out, your lining up this
straight in front of your body. The alignment is important here, so that you have your fist
in line with your chin. If your fist and your shoulder pull this way, “hold yourself very
strong Melissa and I’m going to impact your hand with a slight slap”, you will see what
will happen is that her whole body is going to recur shape backwards. Okay. So if we’re
learning how to strike for self defense right and we hit like this, we’re basically learning
to how to hit ourself away. We want to be able to strike the target and penetrate it.
So by just as little body positioning and I impact the hand same position, the legs
and the body becomes much more solid. This is how we perform the basic 1, 2 Punch Kung
Fu for health.

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