Kung Fu – Pao Chui – Forma Completa

Hi, I am Alex Recchia of Mantis Project TV and I welcome you to this new Video. The last time we practiced the Chen form, always here in the Orridi di Uriezzo where I am again today, and instead in this video we’ll do the form of the cannon fist (a form of kung fu) and we’ll see the two sections. As usual what I mean to do with these videos is to give you an input,a motivation to practice outside of a gym, outside of your comfort zone, to develop some qualities and skills that are unique in heir kind. Practicing on uneven terrain, learning to move in places where there are rocks, leaves, and therefore it is not comfortable, helps developing a good sensitivity both for the plantar arc, and so know how to move in difficult areas in difficult terrains, but also inctreases self-perception, and so helps keeping the balance and have a perception of self anywhere you are. This said, let’s start practicing.

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