Kung Fu Panda Walkthrough Part 2 No Commentary (X360, PS3, PS2, Wii)

OK, so even though the warrior dreamed of being a
Kung Fu Master, he knew he had a little work to do. I mean, he had some moves,
but he wasn’t exactly, you know, a Kung-Fu legend yet. Unfortunately his DAD wanted him to
be more like the “master of noodles.” Still, the warrior totally knew that one day he’d be legendary, like the greatest of Kung-Fu heroes, the Furious Five… who, it turned out, were about to compete in the
ultimate tournament of Kung Fu explosiveness… to see which of them would
be named The Dragon Warrior! Oh, yeah! The warrior knew he HAD
to see The Five in action… And NOTHING was going
to stand on his way… Ok, well, almost nothing… Tournament of the Dragon Warrior Ahhh… Ohh… Yeah! Ha-ha! *Whew!* Huh? Oh, no!!! No, no, no! Wait, stop!
Don’t close the… doors. Ok, here, use the ballista. That should clear a way for you to get in. Wow! Thanks! Aagghh! Wait! It’s the Five! YEAH! Ooh! So freakin’ awesome! Wait! Oh, no! Oh, nooo! Heh-heh! Get him, boys! Po! Po! You were great! Yeah! Thanks! I don’t know what we would have
done if you hadn’t shown up. You can use this ballista here to blast open those
bags of confetti and clear a path into the arena. Oh, sweet! Thanks, little guys. Yeah, that’s using the old noodle. I am Tigress! Master of the
Tiger Style! I am ready to FIGHT! I love KUNG-FUUU!!! I sense the Dragon Warrior is among us. Citizens of the Valley of Peace… Master Oogway will now
choose the Dragon Warrior! Woooooaaahh!!! Ohh. Ummn… Oh, hey. Uh… Oh, sorry. I just wanted to see who
the Dragon Warrior is. Uh, Master, are you pointing at me? Him. – Who?
– You. The universe has brought us the Dragon Warrior. YAY, Po! Me?

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