Kung Fu Panda Walkthrough Part 1 No Commentary (X360, PS3, PS2, Wii) – Godmode

long ago in a time of ancient timeless
time when mystical warriors roamed the land the most awesome kung fu fighters
in all of China the Furious Five protected the Valley of Peace but soon would appear a fighter of such
extreme skill and legendary bodacity that even the Furious Five would bow and
respect to this amazing hero the Dragon Warrior to tell that story we must go
back back to the beginning when the Dragon Warrior was just a dream okay he
was just totally dreaming you legend tells of a legendary warrior
whose kung-fu skills were the stuff of legend he traveled the land in search of
worthy foes well hello stranger what please help I
lost my family bases huh collect gold coins to buy things in the
upgrades ha ha congratulations you have found a
rare coin gather food from enemies gather Chi and Wow press pause – accident the warrior smelled fear in the air but
he knew wasn’t coming from him because he was totally calm hey get back here
rabbit we’re not done with you yeah I better stand back little guy once I
unleash my total awesomeness even I cannot be held responsible for what
happens find worthy foes and bring peace to the village use fast attacks and
blocks to defeat faster great work son who knew you would be
such a kung fu master clearly the Warriors dad had underestimated him
perhaps then you are ready for this you can combo your attacks by pressing
different Cup you think you’re tough huh press fast then action there’s no escape this gate can try to keep your balance this sign indicates that you are near a
forced Dumbo area watch your step pun congratulations your pride what ah you you can move the camera not even the toughest of enemies were a
match for his sheer bodacity whoa who do we have here I am the Dragon Warrior now
step aside bad guy you strong attacks and dodge the defeat use chuckle baby the Warriors reputation being bested the
best of the best of the best follow him wherever he went I see you
like to chew rods good I do Jew on my fist enough talk
let’s fight don’t let it go stand back make use of weapons there he
is quick got him hi stranger don’t let him get away you
stand no chance the last mistake was fighting us here you are ready for a
meeting looking I’ll make you pay quick Shasha Booey when you are in the forest panda stumble
you can move slightly from side to side congratulations you have floor with you you can perform Panther quake yeah even when fish the legendary sword of
heroes the warrior didn’t flinch because he was that much of a master ready cause
here I come the Masters reflection in the sword of
heroes looked especially brave today it’s him not here yes you know oh yeah
shut up let’s go I am Tai Lung and you are no master yeah
hey what son quit daydreaming I got four orders for my famous secret ingredient
soup and only two hands come on okay dad and I was just getting to the good part

38 thoughts on “Kung Fu Panda Walkthrough Part 1 No Commentary (X360, PS3, PS2, Wii) – Godmode

  1. Nice ^-^! When I got this game when I was young I went on Dragon Warrior difficulty and I didn't even know that was the hardest difficulty and I still beat the game and I got it again for Xbox 360 2 years ago and I noticed that Dragon Warrior was the hardest difficulty lol

  2. Maneiro eu comprei esse jogo pela Internet usado vai chegar no correio essa se, mana esse que você compro e usado eu comprei pelo mercadolivre você comprou o seu jogo do Kung Fu Panda usado? muito maneiro esse vídeo curtir show show show! !!!!!!!!!!

  3. ooowwww…


    that nostalgia moments in my PS2 playing this game :)…but it glitched and freezed starting the part of the Pond of Tears |:,v, after that, I never finished 100% the game… :*

  4. I remember when I first got the game, I had forgotten about the upgrades. When I finally completed it for the 4th time and was literally a genius, i found I could purchase every upgrade in the game. From then on, no one stood a chance against me.

  5. HI there. Exactly @ 11.25, when all the enemies pile upon you – the 'B' flashes up. But when I click 'B' continously in my Keypad, the Panda gets defeated. Am playing in my XBOX 360. Kindly help out..

  6. I’ve Seen Some Of His Video Game His Lego Indiana Jones The Original Adventures Xbox 360 Platinum Hits And Kung Fu Panda Review Was Hilarious And If I’’m Not Mistaken I Think He Did The “5th Second Video Game” Also Those Put Me Out Me To Tears So Yes Call Me A Grandma’s Boy Fan Of His

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