Kung Fu Panda (The video game) Part 1 – “Po’s Dream” – Let’s Play Walkthrough

Legend tells of a legendary warrior whose Kung Fu skills were a stuff of legend. He traveled the land in search of worthy foes. The warrior smelled the fear in the air. But he knew it wasn’t coming from him because he was totally confident. Oh! Greatest Kung Fu master in entire universe and beyond, save me! HEY! Get back here, rabbit! We are not done with you yet. Better stand back, little guy. Once I unleash my total awesomeness, even I cannot be held responsible for what happens. Great work, son! Who knew you would be such a Kung Fu master?! Clearly the warrior’s DAD had underestimated him. Perhaps then, you are ready for this. Not even the toughest of enemies were match for his sheer bodacity. Well, well. Who do we have here? I am the Dragon Warrior. Now step aside, bad guy. The warrior’s reputation for being the best of the best…of the best…of the best followed him wherever he went. I see you like to chew…perhaps you like to chew on my fist! Enough talk. Let’s fight! Even when faced with the legendary Sword of Heroes, the warrior didn’t flinch – because he was that much of a master. The master’s reflection in the Sword of Heroes looked especially brave today! Its him! Not him! Yes him! Oh no! Oh yes! Oh, shut up. Let’s go! I am Tai Lung and you are NO MASTER. HEY! Wha…?! Son, quit daydreaming! I’ve got four orders for my famous “Secret Ingredient Soup” and only two hands. Come on! OK, Dad! And I was just getting to the good part… Ahhh. Ohhh. Yeah! Ha-ha! *Whew!* Huh? Oh-no!!! No, no, no. Wait! Stop! Don’t close the…doors. Ok, here. Use the ballista. That should clear a way for you to get in. Wow! Thanks! Aaahhh! Wait! Its The Five! Yeah! Ooooh! So freaking awesome! Wait! Oh-no! Oh-no! Heh-heh! Get him, boys! Po! Po! You were great! Yeah! Thanks! I don’t know what we would have done if you hadn’t shown up. You can use this ballista here to blast open those bags of confetti and clear a path into the arena. Oh. Sweet. Thanks, little guys. Yeah. That’s using the old noodle. I am Tigress. Master of a Tiger style. I am ready to fight! I love Kung-Fuuuuuu! I sense the Dragon Warrior is among us. Citizens of the Valley of Peace, Master Oogway will now choose the Dragon Warrior! Woooooaaaaaahhhhhh! Oooohhh…unnn…oh…hey. Uh…oh sorry. I just wanted to see who the Dragon Warrior is. -Uh. Master, are you pointing at me?
-Him. -Who?
-You. The universe has brought us the Dragon Warrior. YAY, PO! Me? -Woah. Awesome!
-Focus. You will begin here – with these combat dummies. Uh. Okay. I just ate…I’m still digesting. So my Kung Fu might not be as good as later on. Just hit it. After you eliminate each dummy, I will light a torch. When all the torches are lit, I will give a signal and the door will open to the next area. Understand? Totally! So. You think you are the Dragon Warrior? Uh…Uh… Ha! Listen I will say nothing against Master Oogway and I don’t know how you managed to get this far. But let me put it this way – I think my record is safe. Well, look who made it. Not bad for a panda, I mean. Thanks, Master Monkey. Wow! I just thanked Master Monkey! But the last room was a mere warm up for this one. I’d like to see you break my record. -Looking for me, po?
-Master Vi-Vii-Viper. Wow! You even know my name… Of course I do. But I’m afraid your good fortune is about to run out. This is MY room and MY record. Both are unbeatable…Po. I must say, I am surprised to see you. That wasn’t so bad. You know. I’ve seen worse. Yeah, all the time. I just used my fancy Kung-Fu moves that’s all. Do not be fooled, panda. You still have a LONG way to go if you are indeed, the “Dragon Warrior” as Master Oogway believes. Okay. So how much time you think this is going to take? A long…long…LONG time. Ohhhhh.

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