100 thoughts on “Kung Fu Panda the effects of bullying

  1. After watching this scene.
    Everyone in universe : wow amazing scene
    Me : so there is something like "don't noodles".

  2. This gives me chills. Like real chills. And in someway i just feel sad yet calming because of Oogway. I mean im not the only one who got bullied because of my weight

  3. I mean if you want to get real dark, think about the fact that Po saved the day by literally committing suicide

  4. When will all of us finally understand that we need to have
    -NO HATE

    People really should focus more to being

    -and most importantly to have wisdom

    I don’t mean to sound like a whine baby. But I’m just tired of all the dumb stupidity everyone, you, me, others have faced or experienced cause it’s just so not needed.
    People need to stop doubting themselves, stop asking stupid questions “why am I here, what’s my point in this life.” And start finding some damn solutions to their issues.
    I’ve lost too many friends to suicide.
    The whole history of humanity is just stupid we’ve spent thousands of years in the dark every single person. Every generation that comes and goes has no improvement on the last. Every gen just toxic, hateful, depressing. There r wars, suicides like wtf. Nothing wrong with being a bit defensive or strong, standing up for yourself in harsh times but it could all just be avoided if people learned to have inner peace.

    This world is unstable, and everyone that acts and follows the worlds cliches and rules will be unstable too.
    Bullying, depression, war, suicide. People need to just find damn inner peace with themselves and others and break the damn cycle of the world. It all starts with YOU. The time has come.

  5. “Yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift…that is why it’s called the present” I love that saying 🐢

  6. I honestly didnt get it when I was young.
    But Oogway might suffer the same "taste" when he was Po's age.
    He doesnt have caws, wings, venom, and those thingies either, and turtles are slow!

  7. Imagine having oogway teach you Kung fu because he found out you were being bullied as a way to cope, little did he know that after his death, you finally stood up to your bully’s, the outcome speaks for itself

  8. That last line of Oogway has a lot more of sense in english xd
    I've only seen the movie in spanish so it was really funny when I heard Oogway saying his line

  9. Wait after watching kung fu panda 3 I just realised something. Oogway didn't choose po because he just suddenly fall down there and not because the universe tells him so. It was actually because 1) he shows his efforts in wanting what he wants and 2) because he's a panda. Oogway has met panda's and know their capability of controlling chi. Maybe that's why he chose po.

  10. It’s funny how tigers r actually much bigger than Pandas who are vegetarians 🐼🐯 both are such rare beautiful animals

  11. The 5 had no idea he was there. Let that sink in for a sec. Though he doesnt know it… That is the moment he surpasses them all. ( in my Kevin Michael Richardson voice)

  12. I love how Oogway acknowledges that Po failed tremendously and that the Five resent him, but assures him that it won't be like this forever. Honestly, it's something everyone should hear after failing so spectacularly.

  13. Even the furious five came from rough and harsh beginnings(this is made evident in the semi-2D direct to video sequels of the kung Fu Panda, “namely secrets of the furious 5” & “Secrets of the Scroll”), at any rate they have little to no reason for being so harsh on him, granted, the previously mentioned movies didn’t come out till 2009 & 2015

  14. 3:36 "upset?? Why wousiweufseertt?"
    Oogway : I can't register what the fuck this fatty said so let's ask one more time….
    "Why are you upset?"

  15. 4:12 Even so in the short film "The Secrets of the Furious Five" it is said that Viper doesn´t have fangs therefore no venom.

  16. What does Poe do immediately after hearing his "colleagues" mock him?
    He tries to prove them wrong and look at his feet. THAT'S spirit.

  17. Oogway: i understand, you eat when your upset
    Po: i’m not upset, What makes you think i’m upset
    Oogway: So why are you upset

    Omg that cracked me

  18. Amazingly, if a panda, a tiger, a monkey , a crane, a viper, and mantis fought, panda will win. It's actually panda vs tiger. I think panda would win.

  19. 3:48 Po: I probably sucked more today than anyone in the history of Kung Fu… in the history of China… in the history of sucking!

    3:55 Oogway: “Probably.”

  20. I used to get bullied and but one day I decided not to stand it anymore and i fought back but ever since I've had an insane amount of anxiety. There is some days where I have so much fear i cry of thinking on going back to school and I've felt like that for 3 years now, I don't know what to do anymore, I like school but i fear that other kids will start to call me by nicknames or just get rejected again, I can't enjoy the daily task of going to school just because of the entire classroom that bullied me such a long time ago and I can't get over that

  21. Here is the breakdown of Oogway's saying. Do not look back and regret. Do not look forward and worry about the future. Be grateful for today and live a day at a time. Live that day to the fullest. Realistically you want to have a goal and plans but do not worry and become paranoid.

  22. "I suck more than anyone else in the entire history of SUCKING!"
    "The 5 totally hate me!"

    Oogway, I don't think that's helping. XD

  23. Basically before i used to be happy without taking baths or talking to anyone , now i have to indulge in talks and everything just to be happy it sucks .

  24. I'm honestly really surprised that Po never once asked Oogway why he chose him as the Dragon Warrior. I'd have imagined their conversation to go something like this:

    Po: "Master Oogway, why did you choose me? A fat, flabby Panda as "the Dragon Warrior". A legendary figure of pure awesomeness. A Kung Fu warrior that's been prophesied for more than 500 years, one that would bring peace and balance, become the end all be all standard of Kung Fu. What do you see in me?
    Oogway:<I'll leave this up to you guys. Fill in whatever you deem possible>

    Now, I know that we got the answer by the end of 3 but I'd still like to know what you guys think

  25. Feel really bad for Po, everyone of those dickheads from the palace treat him like shit and bully him but his too carefree and got a strong sense of humour to even notice it, he just couldn't give a shit about how anyone view him, they all of full of shit, only the old Tortoise accepts him and then Shifu does once he see his potential since at first was hesitant cause he just landed on the ground from sky.

  26. Alan Watts said that the true Zen Masters have nothing to teach, and that when you meet them, they seem incredibly ordinary. I think that's why I love that Oogway's critical advice was always simple sayings and conventional wisdom. He wasn't steeped in grandiose metaphors in this scene– he acted like a true Zen Master.

  27. Oogway definitely understood what it was like to be Po. Most likely no one thought much of the slow tortoise when he wasn't famous yet. Then boom, he went and invented kung fu.

  28. 3:49 in 2008 this was a serious line (history of sucking) but in 2017 and above, people puts bad jokes which clearly not good

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