Kung Fu Panda – The Dragon Scroll

You really believe I’m ready? You are… …Po. Behold the Dragon Scroll. It is yours. Wait. What happens when I read it? No one knows but legend says
you will be able to hear a butterfly’s wing beat. Wow, really? That’s cool. Yes. And see light in the deepest cave. You will feel the universe
in motion around you. Can I punch through walls? – Do a quadruple back flip?
– Focus. – Will I have invisible…
– Focus. – Focus.
– Oh, yeah, yeah. Read it, Po, and fulfill your destiny. Read it and become… … the Dragon Warrior. It’s impossible to open. OK. Come on, baby. Come on now. Thank you. I probably loosened it up
for ya though. OK, here goes. – It’s blank.
– What? – Here, look.
– No, I am forbidden to look upon… Blank. I don’t… I don’t understand. OK. So, like… …Oogway was
just a crazy old turtle after all. No. Oogway was wiser than us all. Oh, come on! Face it,
he picked me by accident. Of course I’m not the Dragon Warrior.
Who am I kidding? But who will stop Tai Lung? He’ll destroy everything and everyone. No. Evacuate the valley. You must protect
the villagers from Tai Lung’s rage. – What about you, Master?
– I will fight him. – What?
– I can hold him off long enough for everyone to escape. But, Shifu, he’ll kill you. Then I will finally have paid
for my mistake. Listen to me, all of you. It is time for you to continue
your journey without me. I am very proud
to have been your master.

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