Kung Fu Panda – Tai Lung Escapes From Prison

Oh no! What’s happening? To your battle stations! Go! Go! Go! Fire crossbows! Fire! Fire! Tai Lung is free! I must warn Shifu! You’re not going anywhere and neither is he! Let go of me! Bring it up! Wait! Bring it back! He’s on his way! He won’t get far. Archers! We’re dead. So very, very dead. Not yet, we’re not! Now! Can we run now? Yes. I’m glad Shifu sent you. I was beginning to think I’d been forgotten. Fly back there and tell them, the real Dragon Warrior is coming home.

8 thoughts on “Kung Fu Panda – Tai Lung Escapes From Prison

  1. He once escaped prison with a feather! A ****** letter!!*

    What Shifu says to Po when Po steals the Dragon Warrior title

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