Kung Fu Panda FULL GAME Movie Longplay (X360, PS3, PS2, Wii) – Godmode

long ago in a time of ancient timeless
time when mystical warriors roamed the land the most awesome kung fu fighters
in all of China the Furious Five protected the Valley of Peace but soon would appear a fighter of such
extreme skill and legendary bodacity that even the Furious Five would bow and
respect to this amazing hero the Dragon Warrior to tell that story we must go
back back to the beginning when the Dragon Warrior was just a dream okay he
was just totally dreaming legend tells of a legendary warrior
whose kung-fu skills were the stuff of legend he traveled the land in search of
worthy furs well hello stranger what
please help I lost my family bases collect gold coins to buy things in the
upgrades congratulations you have found a rare
coin gather food from enemies huh gather Chi and Wow press pause – accident the warrior smelled fear in the air but
he knew it wasn’t coming from him because he was totally confident get back here rabbit we’re not done with
you yeah I better stand back little guy once I unleash my total awesomeness
even I cannot be held responsible for what happens find worthy foes and bring
peace to the village use fast attacks and blocks to defeat faster great work son who knew you would be
such a kung fu master clearly the Warriors dad had
underestimated him perhaps then you are ready for this you can combo your
attacks by pressing different cop press fast then action there’s no escape this gate can try to keep your balance this sign indicates that you are near a
forced Dumbo area watch your step congratulations your car ah you can move the camera not even the toughest of enemies were a
match for his sheer bodacity whoa who do we have here I am the Dragon Warrior now
step aside bad guy you strong attacks and dodge the defeat the Warriors reputation became best to
the best of the best of the best follow him whatever he went I see you
like to chew her hot but you chew on my best enough talk let’s fight there he is there you go Spray joke don’t let him get away you stand no chance you are ready quick shabooey when you are in the forest panda stumble
you can move slightly from side to side congratulations you can perform and
earthquake even when fish the legendary sword of
heroes the warrior didn’t flinch because he was that much of a master the Masters reflection in the sword of
heroes looked especially brave today I am tile on and you are no master Hey
what son quit daydreaming I got four orders for my famous secret ingredient
soup and only two hands come on okay dad and I was just getting to the
good part okay so even though the warrior dreamed
of being a kung fu master he knew he had a little work to do I mean he had some
moves but it wasn’t exactly you know a kung fu legend yet unfortunately his dad
wanted him to be more like the master of noodles still the warrior totally knew
that one day he’d be the legendary like the greatest of kung fu heroes the
Furious Five who it turned out were about to compete in the ultimate
tournament of kung fu explosiveness to see which of them would be named that
dragon woman oh yeah the warrior knew he had to see the five in action and
nothing was gonna stand in his way okay well almost oh yeah doors Wow watch the nose you can climb up
under the ledges by jumping to grab the jump on the trampoline jus press block
to block I can’t go back now I gotta see the
Furious Five we gotta see congratulations you have found Wow Wow you can move the camera around huh oh they need your help
nobody’s gonna hear you with this crowd okay here use the ballista that should
clear away from you get it you’ve never seen moves like this pokken used a
ballista to shoot at objects and even enemies aim for the target under large
bags to clear paths Wow at Pope ah Wow giggle fluffy bunnies Wow Wow
Thanks huh Wow congratulations you are fucked Wow yeah what ms somebody tell me is it rain I think I see it better pick a running start and then press
action to perform panda stumbled Oh be careful you’ve got no we’re not yeah thanks I
don’t know what we would have done if you hadn’t shown up you can use this
ballista here to blast open those bags of confetti and clear a path into the
arena oh sweet thanks little guys – over thin ledges and balance yeah yeah I think I need about ten fireworks to
make the chair fly but I need to get those bores out of the way first great I have enough Rockets now I should
get back to that chair take a running start and then press
action this has to work yeah that’s he is in the old noodle I am Titus master of the Tigers style I
am ready to fight use master tigresses mighty kung-fu
skills to defeat the juggernaut aim for the target on the juggernauts chest double-jump while in the air to attack
the target on the drug I love I since the Dragon Warrior is among us citizens of the Valley of Peace Master
Oogway will now choose the Dragon Warrior oh hey oh sorry
I just wanted to see the Dragon Warriors uh Master are you pointing at me him who
you the universe has brought us the Dragon Warrior okay so this is where the legend of the
Dragon Warrior really takes off see master Oogway was sure the universe had
brought them the chosen one but Master Shifu was kind of a tough sell you
didn’t really think the warrior was who he was supposed to be he thought maybe
it was all kind of an accident so did the five actually even the hero was a
little surprised but when the warrior finally saw the Furious Five in action
oh yeah he totally knew he was in the right place whoa awesome focus you will begin here
with these combat dummies huh okay I just ate I’m still digesting so my
kung-fu might not be as good as later on just hit it after you eliminate each
dummy I will light a torch when all of the torches are lit I will give a signal
and the door will open to the next area understand totally some enemies are
strong and can only be harmed by strong attendants use strong attacks to destroy
this type of dummy and dodge to avoid it to test some enemies are fast so you
might die quickly use pole you will sometimes be called upon the cross
narrow to do this being left and right this is a basic training dummy you can
destroy it with any type of attack good luck fuck to perform a charge strong attack
hold and release strong attack good job perform a panda quake and knock down
opponents in range nice one destroy the remaining dummies to continue perform
the fast fast strong attack combo excellent use juggle to knock an enemy into the
air continue to juggle the opponent with a time strong attack or do a fast attack
to knock the enemy forward can you destroy all the training dummies
in this room in the time given let’s see show promise panda congratulations Europe so you think
you’re the Dragon Warrior listen I will say nothing against Master Oogway and I
don’t know how you managed to get this far but let me put it this way I think
my record is safe can you beat tigresses time record in
the chamber of Earth good well look who made it good not bad
for a panda I mean thanks master monkey Wow I just take master monkey but that
last room was a mere warm-up for this one I’d like to see you break my record can you beat monkeys time record in the
chamber of wind I know you can do this poem he is much
bigger than I remember looking for me PO
masterful Viper Wow you even know my name of course I do
but I’m afraid your good fortune is about to run out
this is my room and my record both are unbeatable can you beat Vipers time record in the
chamber of fire I never imagined seeing you here Wow I must say I’m surprised to see you that
wasn’t so bad you know I’ve seen worse yeah all the time I just use my fancy
kungfu moves is off do not be fooled panda you still have a long way to go if
you are indeed the Dragon Warrior as Master Oogway beliefs okay so how much
time do you think this is going to take a long long long time you as the hero trained his legend spread
across the land even reaching the dark depths of chor gum prison where Tai Lung
waited went along heard that someone else would be granted the Dragon scroll
he burned with rage he knew it’s time to escape and claim what was rightfully his
but first he’d send Shifu a message as Zhang the palace goose flew home to tell
Master Shifu of Tai lungs escape the dark storm gathered soon Tai Lung would
return and when he did it would determine the fate of the Valley of
Peace I’m so happy right now
we haven’t robbed anyone in days who looks like our luck is about to
change oh my goodness hey Zhang you okay they they just they just winged me I
have news for mr. Shibu must must get to the palace okay take it easy I’ve got
you next up the Jade Palace help carry Zheng to the palace so I left right up
and down to avoid dangerous clouds and whirlwinds use fast attack to defeat as
many vultures as you can jerk congratulations you have to spell am bring bringing them sure Master Shifu I have news Thailand is
free escape from shore gun prison he’s coming here here to get the dragon
scroll he will take Tai Lung some time to get here we must see to the village
at once okay guys sounds great let me just grab
a snack so I can build up my Qi okay I guess I’ll just talk to you guys when
you get back aha oh I can’t let the thieves take all
the powers treasurer panda stumble allows you to travel quickly and run
over opponents take watch the dragon buttons on the column congratulations intruder intruder close the ceiling
doors by climbing up and touching them close the ceiling doors by climbing up
and touching them tutor intruder close the ceiling doors
by bouncing on the drums to touch them how dare you challenge the black poor
clan boo baby what happened here I see you did well panda I did I mean
yeah I did cuz you know I used my super panda bamboo awesomeness and yeah I was
only pretending to be asleep and you know these guys came in and I went watch
focus I need you to focus while we were in the village we heard that the croc
gang has invaded lotus lake word is starting to spread about Tai Lung we’ve
got to do something Master crane why don’t you impo go see
what you can find out whoa me and master crane Oh it’ll be fun
let me get my stuff me and crane are going on a mission whoa with the Jade Palace safe and the black
her four clan defeated the dragon warrior there I said it was feeling
pretty good maybe now Master Shifu would start to
see his awesomeness nope Master Shifu totally stiffed him he was
worried about other stuff like the Imperial golden croc game but Master
Shifu didn’t know yet the Crocs invaded lotus lake for a reason see they knew
the legend of Tai Lung now that he was out it was time to get on his good side
and so the Dragon Warrior and master crane who are about to step into totally
insane danger started out on the trail towards the Lotus Lake Master crane and you must be PO we’ve
heard about you thank goodness you’re here
oh it’s been awful the crocodiles they’re everywhere they’re trying to
steal our hatchling eggs Crocs I’m really more a more specialist uh Master
crane handles procs em Master Shifu said this is for you to do PO my PO you must
be an experienced warrior well uh but you have years of training well okay
then how are you at finding aids eggs me tops
oh then that’s the plan you’re on foot well search overhead good luck okay then
goodbye PO I’ll meet you on the other side of the lake
wait other side what feel the Thunder baby please find the remaining hatchlings so
I can bring them to safety after blocking an attack we use fast attack dense look when you get near these lanterns
they turn off Wow Wow five fingers can cut the tortoises are
under attack rescue them and they will help you enough very good Adrienne you found it congratulations what Oh yeah booth Wow eight Master PO um I really wish you
wouldn’t say that so loud it’s kind of not come phooey sounding you know the
crocodile queen has set up her lair in the town plaza we must get there fast
quick paw paw is there a weight limit because I may have put on a pound –
don’t worry just keep your balance eight Master PO um I really wish you
wouldn’t say that so loud it’s kind of not come phooey sounding you know the
crocodile queen has set up her lair in the town plaza we must get there fast
quick hop away is there a weight limit because I may
have put on a pound or two don’t worry just keep your balance like this now rescue my grandchild from the
crocodile queen PO congratulations oh hello who dares to wake hang on
little guy to me stop them steer master crane to avoid the attacks of the
crocodile sergeant egg master you have returned and with a
baby hatchling thank you you are a true hero um I I helped you know oh yeah good
flapping oh cute little guy since the awesome dragon warrior had
defeated the croc gangs toughest guy and broke their hold over lotus lake he
began to get you know sort of a reputation even Master Shifu began to
take notice who finally but even though he began to see something in the Dragon
Warrior the five didn’t especially tigress who totally wanted to take on
Tai Lung herself so Master Shifu led the chosen one deep into the Wudang
mountains which everybody knows is where Master Oogway invented kung fu oh that
is totally freaking awesome anyway Shifu had an idea if the chosen one
couldn’t be trained same as the five he was going to try something you know more
on his level hey I’m getting kind of hungry just one more ledge poll and now you’re
trying to be all mysterious and kung-fu II but where are we going behold Wudang
temple built in honor of master oogway’s discovery have come for there you will
find the ancient relics of the original kung-fu forms figures shaped from the
jewels and living Jade from this mountain many great warriors met their
fate attempting to reach ruled on and unlock the mystical secrets of these
relics Oh must be a pretty good secret hmm looks peaceful enough hmm
great gorilla and his minions huh the great horn is what’s involved know when
Tai Lung was imprisoned the guerrilla army was finally banished from these
hills as feared with his escape they are back they must be kept from finding the
relics and destroying the temple Kula let’s come back when he’s not so angry
now those gorillas have no respect for kung fu they are only here to plunder
the riches from this land and they will destroy the temple and relics to do so
we will wait no sir Master sir panda stumble allows PO to trap enemy sometimes arrived using special
equipment like climbing rakes destroy these to prevent more enemies from
arriving ho find and destroy 24 gorillas climbing routes pick up and throw the explosive trap at
the rock formation then climb up to the next area where what a panda even possible you
there this is my territory what are you doing here uh nothing
your ginormous miss nests especially not looking for any super sacred country
relics what explosive trap boxes are dangerous but
can be clear find and bring at least five of the
seven relics in the Wudang mountains to the temple of prosperity Wow congratulations congratulations you found enough relics you are ready
meet me at the temple of prosperity congratulations Oh hurry pull the gorillas are here at the
temple stop wasting time find another way around I will take care of them pound on the heads of multiple nearby protect the temple pillars from the
Gorillaz no the relics after him Paul congratulations use the trap boss
against the great gorilla press action Wow Shibuya how you like panda style baby
well done whoa you did not suck gee thanks the Dragon Warrior had defended the
Wudang mountains and the sacred relics with master Shi Fu’s help of course but
the gorillas were still a mean Bunch sure they didn’t have their leader
anymore they weren’t gonna go down that easy in fact it was now even more likely
that they’d try and cozy up to Tai Lung Master Shifu knew time was running out
he had to get the sacred relics and the increasingly awesome Dragon Warrior
back to the palace and the group with the five you uh Master Shifu how much further is it
to the palace one step closer than the last time you asked hey what’s this trouble it’s just an old bridge I don’t
see anything cuz you are not looking if you were you would have steamed the
goose what goose ah wait maybe you guys can
help the croc gang has taken to go to Island they’re holding the others
captive I understood that you and master crane had overpowered them earlier and
restored order we did Master me and master crane we say those cute little
tortoise guys and totally kicked some ugly Gator but you should have seen it
alright then you can go first I will take the relics for safekeeping and meet
you on the island we leave at once save all the trapped villagers then meet
me near the river Oh huh attack while jumping when you get
near these lanterns feel that Wow well I am glad to see you finally made
it hey you had a boat all this jumping
around isn’t as easy as I make it look you know of that I am sure now get over
here and fend off these crocodiles I have needed up ahead
ah right Master Shifu on my way to a ferry sure you check the pagoda for
prisoners then meet me at the river centrist check sandy panda park raka
dealios feel congratulations Wow that’s all the trapped villagers when you get near these lanterns late Wow Wow congratulations you have found a ball not bad I take it the croc gang has been
defeated this time totally they begged me not to use my fine but drop technique
did it anyway what next JP I have just received word that the Furious Five had
left the palace to comfort I lung on their own we have got to make our way to
the end of the river and don’t call me chief
aye-aye captain got it bring any snacks for this voyage use your weight to steer the boat steer the boat by moving around pole in panic the way
eat my glass Oh fire in the hole the five are heading for a remote and
treacherous part of the Wudang mountains to meet Tai Lung
single combat Wow single combat why not all together since they’re together
crazy this is my fault I must go to them well there is still time you you will
continue on to the palace with the sacred relics it is safe to assume you
know the way right oh absolutely no problem oh yeah it’s over there that
way right um you wouldn’t happen to know the way
to the palace would you even though the Dragon Warrior had
prevailed against the imperial golden croc gang there was bigger stuff
happening the five had gone to fight Tai Lung themselves but as awesome as they
were Shifu knew they were no match for Tai Lung he had to find them by now word
of Tai lungs escape had reached the Lang shadow army the most sinister snarling
stealth fighting wolves in China yeah those guys they knew Titans tiny outlets
if he was back it’s time to turn the Valley of Peace into the valley of
pieces but Tai Lung just wanted the Dragon scroll and to fight this
so-called chosen one he didn’t expect the Furious Five showing up which they
did and challenging him to a fight which there was and it was the most impossibly
high leaping kung fu righteousness ever very amusing but are those really the
best chief who has there is only one who is worthy to fight me so where is this
Dragon Warrior how do you know it’s not me you you forget I was there at the
beginning when you were just a young cub are you the favorite now alright anyone
else yeah okay leave it to the little guy Hey that wasn’t so tough
big Richards alright are you kidding Shifu taught you well but not well
enough you’re too late she food tile on has
defeated two failed five find and rescue the Furious Five find and save 16
villagers was done for speed through the enemies like an arrow in flight with the
sprint attack found on the heads of multiple nearby
enemies with world stuff jump on a cloud and press action or jump
to perform the clap hello can anybody hear me that’s a Shifu you came I am sorry
master we failed you know it is I who failed you go back to the palace I will
soon follow Oh yeah thank you one word rematch and I have
three words for you the palace now yes Master Shifu Master Shifu thank you for getting me
out how did you slip in here the greater question is how will you slip out I am
sending you back to the palace be careful go contrary to popular belief congratulations yeah Thank You Master Shifu I can’t stay in
bars yes very ironic I suppose you’re angry with
us for leaving and fighting along on our own
what I feel is of no consequence it is what I do that matters now go back to
the palace and join the others Master yeah here kitty-kitty-kitty
I said back off defend tigress bye she tygris is safe for now I must find a way
to reach hey that was close are you badly injured thank you I’m okay
Master Shifu then I need you to head back to the palace to continue post
training aren’t you coming with me not yet attack Hey with the Furious Five defeated Tai Lung
was now one step closer to the Dragon scroll and if Master Shifu got in the
way Tai Lung would finally avenge being denied his destiny of becoming the
Dragon Warrior not good Master Shifu knew that if Tai Lung got
the Dragon scroll limitless power would finally be his he couldn’t let that
happen all they could do now was trust master boy’s choice only the true Dragon
Warrior could stand up to Tai Lung and bring peace but nobody ever said the
Dragon Warrior would be good at directions in fact by now he was totally
lost even worse he’d wandered into the base camp of the
Wu sisters the most lethal ninja cat fighting force in the known universe okay this is the last time I try hiking
I’m tired hungry and I feel like I’m walking in circles wait a sec look at
that huh maybe someone there has directions or at least a snack I’m gonna
sweep the floor with you swing back and forth on a branch or pole press jump
while swinging to release and move forward through the air what uh-huh where do you Oh save all the trapped villagers anyone
mention anything to you about a panda no panama’s better McNiff quick if anything
interferes with Tai lungs return the Wu sisters will be wearing our skills cub
went did you see the Wu sisters masters of
the spinning twelve paw strike defeat the Wu sisters Wow Wow Wow sleeping enemies will not wake up if you
are moving slowly and sneaking attack the tree to knock it over congratulations congratulation look what huh Oh congratulations you have found about mmm
smells good dinner non starving hello excuse me anyone I’m a little lost
hungry will sisters look what we have here sister’s a big lost panda who’s
Sosa and don’t forget hungry what can we do to help this big lost panda so hungry
for information that he’d spy on our camp what maybe we can help him find his
way Thanks up on my own way this so big so
sad and so lost panda is saying so long oh sweet a map now maybe I can figure
out how to get back to the palace The Legend of the Dragon Warrior takes
many twists and turns the warriors journey took him through many trials and
through many lands where he faced many enemies but even though it was said that
he wanted vast wastelands in the footsteps of other less mighty and less
awesome fallen heroes and the sailors courage knew no bounds neither did his
greatness or his stamina they say he was unstoppable
the totally unstoppable fighting force of extraordinary kungfu mastery the consumer shows hot tired and
completely lost nothing could stop our hero I am so disappointed so hungry Oh what
where wah rise Dragon Warrior it is time for you to fulfill your destiny mm-hmm
Master Oogway is that really you of course why do you ask well you’re sort
of floating there and you’re covered in massively glowy stuff yes and then
there’s hey where did you get that cookie yes
phagon warrior follow your instincts follow the cookies the mystery of this
place shall be revealed to you follow the cookies Dragon Warrior man cookies
all right cookies here I come son unlock the secret of Tai lungs
training grounds release for moonstones if you get lost
follow the torches they will show you their way to the moon stones under
stumble to go directly up use the right stick to look Wow Hey
there are more torches over there huh ha congratulations wah come on go go go go go yeah at last the secrets of the almond cookie
will be revealed why have you come here yeah it’s you I mean you’re in why have
you come to my training ground you trick trick oh why
I came for the cookies boom hey I’m okay I’m okay okay I’m not okay just really a trap
door locks congratulations
you now have one more who whoa awesome maps and strategic stuff
cool no way who’s she finger who perfected by master whooshing the Fourth
Dynasty what’s this doing here it is for you Dragon Warrior is that you Master
uber time for you to fulfill your destiny
so no cookies huh hello feel the Thunder it is said that when the Dragon Warrior
returned and saw the Furious Five defeated Master Shifu did the only thing
left that could stop Tai Lung he presented the Dragon scroll to the
Dragon Warrior oh sweet but the dragon scroll was blank
what Oh however it has also said that even though it was blank it had a
meaning so mystical and awesome and nobody understood it oh great okay so
with Tai Lung closing in the Dragon Warrior left with the scroll thinking
that Tai Lung would chase it’s awesome ultimate power forever um even though
it’s black and leave the village in peace now Master Shifu would face Tai
Lung completely alone you I have come home master this is no
longer your home and I am no longer your master
ah yes you have a new favors so where is this oh did I scare him off this battle
is between you and me there doesn’t have to be a battle just give me what is mine
give me the dragon scroll I cannot what where is the dragon scroll safe from you
we shall see tear this palace apart to lay tile on stop Tai lungs wolves from destroying
all 14 of the artifacts oh no wolves have broken through the
back walls spoke rooms are coming from the ceiling they’re wolf slashes oh they could come
from anywhere be careful place apart congratulations the treasures are safe
but where is tied long it must be here find it I want the
dragon scroll tell me where you put it oh man you are not the Dragon Warrior it
is not over you for 20 years I rotted in jail because of
your betrayal now give me what I deserve you are not the Dragon Warrior it is not
for you enough I will find it myself destroy him congratulations everything I did I did to make you proud tell me how proud you are me now tell me
tell me I was proud of you and it was my pride
that blinded me to what you were becoming I I am sorry I don’t want your
pity I want my scroll for the last time where is it far away from you the real
Dragon Warrior has taken it you see it is not your destiny so the story goes that is every bad guy
in China descended to loot the village and Tai Lung fought Shifu for the Dragon
scroll true heroes were made that day it is said that in order for a true hero to
fulfill his destiny he must face three overwhelming obstacles his mistakes his
enemies and his beginnings but it doesn’t say anywhere in there how much
going through all of that can totally and completely suck Paul I think it’s time I told you
something I should have mentioned a long time ago okay the secret ingredient of
my secret ingredient soup come here the secret ingredient is nothing wait wait
it’s just plain old noodle soup you don’t add some kind of special sauce or
something don’t have to to make something special you just have to
believe it special it’s all in the mind son there’s no secret ingredient and
that must be the message of the scroll I just have to believe I’m the Dragon
Warrior I am the Dragon Warrior dad I got to go to the palace and help Master
Shifu hey get your paws off my dad hey yeah I see the resemblance put out the fires by throwing water
barrels at them Oh save the villagers trapped in the
cages sorry big guy stores closed hit kama crazy feet Oh my amazingness amazes even myself use the police turn to defeat all the
wolves in the river that’s the last wolf moving son Oh what are you doing Master Shifu said
to take the scroll and leave them huge yeah I know but that’s it there’s no
secret ingredient to the secret ingredient soup and so well I think I
really am the Dragon Warrior that’s good glad that Sidhu so what now
Dragon Warrior I gotta get back to the palace and Master Shifu okay then those
sheeps are going to be a problem chips watch ships right be right there I’m gonna sweep the floor with you huh man that was beating Oh congratulations oh yeah get ready to feel the Thunder
cuz the chosen one has crossed the river aha
that’s right him oh hi I was just gathering mad chief yeah good idea poke the path to the palace has been
destroyed I’ll clear you another one as bishops
behind the water tower water tower hey we can use that to sink both of those
ships one two bang done hmm not bad okay meet me when I give the signal first
I’ll have to take care of those archers what archers but how did you a stir monkey can sling his tail at
enemies and some objects wolves are everywhere congratulations Europe hope I’m right
here fuck chatter muchacha come on don’t leave me hanging master
monkey him not bad boy not bad The Legend of the Dragon Warrior is
ancient and epic it is shrouded in mind-bending eternal mysteries and
legendary kung-fu teachings from the awesome masters of the ages it’s also
the only one we’re really good noodle soup plays a critical role even with all
that the Dragon Warrior still struggled to believe in the universe in the
prophecy and in himself as he faced his greatest challenge give me the scroll the Dragon Warrior
has taken the scroll it’s halfway across China by now you will never have that
scroll Tai Lung hey stairs huh what are you doing let him go aah
who are you I haven’t I buddy I am the Dragon Warrior you him
he’s a panda what are you going to do big guy ha ha ha
sit on me don’t tell me now Aminah use this congratulations defeat Tai Lung feel the thunder baby don’t ever seen moves like this boom
baby but hey no fair can’t just poop it here
and swipe a guy scroll finally now to embrace my true destiny Oh there’s nothing you don’t get it dude
what ultimate power doesn’t come from a piece of paper it comes from within well you can’t defeat me you’re just a
big fat Panda I’m not a big fat Panda and the big fat
Panda I figured well done PO you’ve obtained the super iron belly technique
now use it to defeat the pain coming up huh Wow I almost felt that one the wushi
finger hold you know this home and you also know
that the hardest thing about this hold is cleaning up AdWords Shifu didn’t
teach you that hold your right I figured it out myself skadoosh at last the prophecy
hey my son is a Kong food genius chew on this it’s been said the Dragon Warrior
ultimately found his way when he chose to look in the right direction inside
himself even the five saw it his way the hero wasn’t the only one to find his way
Master Shifu is now at one with the universe
or meditating or taking a nap or something Master Shifu looked almost
kind of happy as a mascara but with Tai Lung defeated in the village at peace
the Dragon Warrior could now join his master in his meditation some say that
he achieved inner peace that night others that he fully embraced his
destiny but all agree that he underwent a significant transformation luckily he
had a change of clothes on hand there was no time to bask in boon for there
were still wrongs to right innocence to protect butts to kick truly the stuff of
legend that’s a another story

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  6. Throwing explosive trap ball at the Great Gorilla really requires a good workout that sure does pay off

  7. I really wished if this was taken place during the events of the 1st Kung Fu Panda movie and throughout

  8. Holy shit. I'm really glad to see that I'm not the only person coming back to this for nostalgia purposes. I remember putting so much time into this game. Such good times

  9. I remember playing this nostalgia game when I was 5 YL(2012) well actually I am not really playing but my dad playing this game and I sit beside him while watching my father I miss my childhood😭🥺

  10. This was my 1st xbox 360 game and Indiana Jones lego hahaha. I miss those days. que triste de verdad jajaja

  11. This was another great game from my childhood, first spongebob battle for bikini bottom, then James Bond, Assassins creed, man soo many Memories

  12. Main Things I Remember.

    Snow Stone Pillar Things.
    Stealing Egg.
    Chase Scene After Stealing Egg.
    Jumping Across the little polls to fight the Cat things.
    Rocket Scene into becoming the Dragon Warrior.

  13. 1:54:41 that part was my favourite everytime like I waited for it and when it finally came I was so happy. I was like "YESS MY FAVOURITE PART!!!!"

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