You there! To fight terrorists I, Spicy-Deepfried-Potato-Bonda, have entered the battlefield. Dear brother. That is “Kung Fu Panda”. I will lift and hit you. In the Hindi that I know, it is Spicy-Deepfried-Potato-Bonda. Oh Mother. My name is Bonda. My constituency people called me PO PO. So I thought they were asking me to GO, because PO in Tamil=GO. But they kept calling me back and arranged a press meet. Once upon a time, when I was canoodling the dudelings in my grandpa’s noodle shop, I heard of Thailoon. For me, my Thai is God. Because Thai in Tamil=Mother. But the city hated the same Thailoon. Yes! This fellow Thai is a terrific terrorist from The Pakistan Hinterlands. Who is going to save my city from the clutches of Thailoon? Is it Poison Snake Wiper? Is it Monkeykong Mahadevan? Is it Guindy Mendis? Is it Crane Manohar? Or is it Tamarindtown Tanuja? Nope. Definitely nopes. It is me the Spicy-Deepfried-Potato-Bonda. Why because, I only know the Yogasanams right? That truth was revealed by the toothless Oogway Master you know? Aaaaaahhnnnnnnnnnn! One day, Kala master’s Kousin brother went to meet Farah Khan’s father-in-law. There happened the epic tearing. Tearing, tearing and more tearing. Deep inside me, Kung Fu, was slowly… slowly… slowly digesting. You fellow! You after all eat the spaghetti with the curd. I eat the Mutton Biryani even before the goat is slaughtered. Now come I say for the press meet. Hey! Left! Right! Go! Hey come! Here take it and go. Hey, are you from Jaya TV? Put your bum on the seat. I am the one and only, DRAGON WARRIOR damnit! Showed I did my adept martial skills. Tore it did, Thailoon’s loincloth. The entire city rejoiced in me. The dusky damsel Tamarindtown Tanuja also started liking me. As per Indonesian Constitution, all I want is, Inner Peace. And leg piece. Because I am the Spicy-Deepfried-Potato-Bonda.

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