Kung Fu Panda 3 – Travelling

Oh! Lunch break. Oh. You don’t need
to ask me twice. Dad? – Yes?
– Dad? Yes? What are you doing here? What am I doing?
Getting a backache. Did you have to step
on every rock? No, I mean,
why are you here? What was I supposed
to do, huh? What if the pandas
don’t have food you like? You’re never gonna be able to save
the world on an empty stomach. I consider my presence
mission critical. Oh… Yes, about that… We can’t share the location of
the village with others. So… Well, you think I can’t
keep a secret, huh? I raised Po for 20 years before I finally
told him he was adopted. – Seriously?
– Yeah. Okay. I guess it would be
cruel to make you fly back. – You can fly?
– I’m a bird, Po. We’re here. Sure looks like a long
ways up there. And my son hates stairs. So, let’s go home. We’re pandas.
We don’t do stairs. I’ve waited my whole life
to hear those words. Rats. Whoa… Huh? This is the secret panda village? No wonder you keep it a secret. If I lived here,
I wouldn’t tell anyone either. Now you can “Whoa”. Whoa! Let’s go! Over here! Come on! *chattering indistinctly*

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