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Master Shifu? Good time? Bad time? Time…is an illusion. There is only…the NOW. So now’s a… good time? You must take the next step on your journey. From warrior…to teacher. But I’m no good at it! Oh no! It’s the Dragon Teacher! He’s so handsome! Po? Oh hey, Dad! What’s up?! You’re terrible at it. Who are YOU?! I’m looking for my son. Dad?! Give your old man a hug!! How do we know he’s even related to you?! Look at that! Come with me… There’s a secret panda village in the mountains! Welcome home, son! You look just like me, but a baby! You’re like me but old! Oh he’s adorable! I’m good! I have returned! Who?! The Master of Pain! Beast of Vengeance! Maker of Widows? Okay, I used to work with Ugway? Oh, Master Oogway – ! SILENCE! Kai attacked the valley! It’s all gone… Now he’s coming for the pandas. You must teach them to fight. I am ready! I’m gonna turn you into Kung Fu masters! Nobody said this was gonna be easy. Get ready to dance with DANGER! Enemies of justice, prepare for waaaa – ?! Are you kidding me?! You must be the Dragon Warrior! Why don’t you spare me the chit-chat?! I’m going to take your – CHIT-CHAT! We’ve gotta get in there! But Master Shifu said – Are you seriously afraid?! Even Master Chicken’s going in there! And he’s a chicken!

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  1. I hated this trailer but I'm still totally behind it since I'm such an enormous fan of the first two! Please don't disappoint.

  2. Kung Fu Panda always does this, appeals to the comedy side of the movie but then the movie is awesome with great story. I am a bit nervous for this new villain because I loved the snow leopard and the peackok from the other two movies. The cinematography still looks amazing!

  3. I haven't seen any of the Kung Fu Panda movies should I? I just don't have kids when they came out I wasn't watching kid movies. now open to it

  4. grace, your right, the marketing is really mad this trailer plays it up for laughs instead of being a little more serious

  5. Um maybe it's me but this has always been a family comedy with Kung Fu. I'm Betting Master Chicken ends up kicking but like a boss

  6. Totally agree with your rollercoaster metaphor. I am supremely uninterested in the family reunion angle – I loooove the villain though. And the artwork on the animation is just a joy to behold.
    I lol:ed at the Master Chicken joke though. I am a sucker for low balls apparently 😀

  7. LOL YES! I love how you poke fun at whether or not Tue dip in quality is because of China, and lemme tell you, IT IS!!! They have yet to make an animated film of high caliber (not even Monkey Long, which was extremely all over the place, but is loved coz it makes you tear up in the end randomly) since the 70s. In fact, they have yet yo make ANY live action films that are mainstream AND critically acclaimed AND beloved by everyone for a long time already. 95% due to communism restricting artistic views, tho. I'm scared now.

  8. KUNG FU PANDA LOOKZ AMAZIN…lol i agree with parts of the review but the only influence i see is the quality in colour, background and the jade sword lol….i cant wait to see this…..

  9. Great trailer review Grace. Can you please review the new trailer for Race. It's the story of Jesse Owens by an actor I've never seen. I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Keep up the great work!

  10. Yeah I'm gonna guess, as I have always verbally done so in the comments on this channel, that the weak link in this film is gonna be the cooperation with the Chinese studio.
    Of course things were gonna change, not just due to them now being able to directly adapt the film to a Chinese localisation, but because (mainland) Chinese media is limited in what it can do. The many years of adhering to a long list of censorship rules has left a vacuum of creativity in the industry there, where even if they want to do something unique they're kinda bound by said "list" of censorship not to. The result = cheesy and cliched stuff. (Though to be fair, Dreamworks was kinda known for cliched films for a long while, so this could be exactly what the execs want in the end)

  11. The cheesy family comedy aspect is just to get families in the theatre, the actual movie will be like the first two films. I hope…

  12. I'm actually nervous as to whether I'll like the villian or not, despite Tenson. I too thought "Please dear God, not again" when I saw the training sequence.

  13. I liked the Master Chicken, it was cute lol. But all in all I agree, the panda stuff doesn't seem that interesting and Brian Cranston's voice stands out too much. I am super excited for this, the first 2 films are some of my favorites and I have high hopes for this.

  14. Although admittedly, almost ALL of the Kung-Fu-Panda trailers have been mediocre or bad, THEN THE MOVIE TURNS OUT AWESOME!

  15. I love that scene where all the Pandas punched each other over, I saw it coming from a mile away but it still made me laugh out loud. I thought this was the best trailer so far.

  16. It's just pulling the same move as before Grace. It sells the kids parents on comedy and beauty but there will be emotionally rough moments that hit home(Poe's back story in 2 and Oogway passing plus Si Fu's errors with Tai Long in 1) I foresee some adoptive father drama over Poe leaving as if everything his dad did doesn't matter because here come biological and need to save village and pandas. Poe always gets pushed to his limits to discover methods that others train for years to not quite master. He will show heart, humor, respect, and skill as always. Trust the Panda. Plus families love him!

  17. I really hope this is just a marketing issue. The trailer is very inconsistent and doesn't blend the action with the comedy in an effective way. I'm concerned about this movie. It's the 3rd installment and the number of good movies with the number 3 can be counted in 1 hand. It's also being released in January, the dumping ground for bad movies. I know the 2nd movie didn't performed as well as the 1st in the U.S. so I'm hoping this is just away of maximizing profits.

  18. Not gonna lie, I'm a bit confused by your reaction. The trailers for the first two films did the EXACT same thing, this overabundance of comedy and unfitting music, so why are you suddenly acting like this a new thing? Heck, you even made fun of this trend in your review of the first trailer.

    Even worse is that people are actually blaming CHINA for this! I'd think the fact that it was like this long before they got involved would be enough of a hint that they're not to blame. -_-

  19. Ummm the first movie was always a family comedy
    Rewatch it, plus I saw the trailers for the other two and nothing's changed

  20. Oh noooo, it's a comedy……..oh no. Because…Dreamworks 3D-movies are serious, right? Lol Seriously though, the target audiences will love it so that's the important thing.

  21. Oh noooo, it's a comedy……..oh no. Because…Dreamworks 3D-movies are serious, right? Lol Seriously though, the target audiences will love it so that's the important thing.

  22. as someone who saw the first 2 on TV, I gotta say that I am already down for this film simply because of the other 2 being spectacular
    Dreamworks trailers always give people a mixed reaccion, even when it comes to beloved properties like HTTYD and Shrek, very much looking forward to the movie, I think it is going to be good, but i have never seen a PR department in need of replacements as the one in Dreamworks Animation

    also their teasers somehow tend to be better: the HTTYD2 teaser was this beautiful flight scene with Hiccup's new look, while the official gave away so much of the movie that people were no longer intrigued enough to see it

  23. Two things in this trailer that no has seemed to talk about/notice: One, The character models seem more expressive, and what I mean is they seem to convey more emotion. Two, Tigress seems to be fighting more with her legs, and it seems like she is fighting more in Shifu`s style.

  24. the firt trailer didnt do me anything but this 1 looks good i wonder if it wil surpass kung fu panda 2 because i really like that 1

  25. Isn't that kind of slapstick humour part of kung fu movies though? So of course in a collab with Chinese partners, you'd have more of it.

  26. May I remind you that the reason why a lot of people went to see The Hangover 2 and not Kung Fu Panda 2 when it first came out was because the trailer for KFP1 looked childish. But it turned out it was great. The third might be the same.

  27. Can Kai bring back Tai Long now would be fun to watch!!!!!! Idk if that would happen but Tai Long was very edgy that I love that snow leopard !!!!😻😻😻😻

  28. the chicken joke is "low ball,"it's targeted for younger viewers too not just you. And you claimed you watched ip man this plot is similar to what happen in that movie when he trains the village.

  29. What I did not like was you raining on my parade a bit with your negative thoughts on the family aspect of the trailer. I actually liked that and think it expands on Po's story and making Po a teacher of the Pandas to me is a bit of payback for how hard he was as a student back in the first film. I loved the trailer just fine but do get from your review that some of the low brow jokes and hijinks could rub some people the wrong way. While I am 100% okay with the trailer it is interesting to hear another perspective. Also I am officially a subscriber now.

  30. Please Dreamworks don't put pop music in How to train your dragon 3's trailer please… I want a trailer on par with the Elsa one or the trailers for HTTYD2. I will be seeing this probably multiple times to support them.

  31. dreamworks has never had great trailers.
    How to train your dragon: the advertising was terrible
    how to train your dragon 2: the advertising looked pretty bad
    kung fu panda: i thought this was going to be so terrible
    kung fu panda 2: advertising was still really bad

    all these movies had horrible trailers, but were really good movies. Im really hoping for the same thing here

  32. Funny, Almost every Pixar and DreamWorks trailer sucks, and usually, the movies turn out fine(with the exception of Home, Cars 2, Shark Tale, ect.), but when the trailers for "Brave" got us excited, it really was a disappointment.

  33. What parts didn't I like? None. Like all of the parts here. But after seeing recent clips, I'm slightly worried about the pace of the movie. What if its rushed and forced? I still have my hopes up tho! I mean the trailers for kung fu panda movies have always been humorous and fun but the movie tells a much deeper and darker story. So cheers!

  34. All Kung Fu Panda films are awesome, even the third one! Time to buy the trilogy bluray for my home collection! SKADOOSH!

  35. This is what happens in KP3 So Po needs to learn Chi to defeat Kai and Kai can suck chi out And he finds his dad and the dad lies to Po …

  36. Kung Fu Panda 1 ( 2008 )
    +4 years
    Kung Fu Panda 2 ( 2012 )
    +4 years
    Kung Fu Panda 3 ( 2016 )
    +4 years
    Kung Fu Panda 4 ( 2020 ) ??😂😂

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