Kung Fu Panda 3 – Tigress warns Po

Dance, Lotus. Dance. He’s so handsome. Ooh! Hi! That’s a panda hug! Hey. Po. Tigress? Who’s she? Who is that? Big Stripy Baby! What are you doing here? Kai attacked the Valley. He’s taken every master in China,
including Shifu and the others. It’s all gone, Po.
Everything. Everyone. Everyone? Everyone. How’s my restaurant? We’ll talk later. And now he’s on his way here. He’s after you, Po. He’s after all pandas. How long do we have? Not long. Please, tell me
you’ve mastered chi. – Here, take the baby.
– Dad! Dad! Okay, who belongs to this one? You need to teach me
the secret chi technique now! No, no, I’m afraid
you need more time. Everyone, go get your things!
Let me help you with that. I don’t have more time.
I need to learn it now! Sorry, you’re not ready. Okay, pack everything! – I am ready.
– Not quite. What are you talking about?
I’ve done everything you’ve asked. I’ve mastered napping, sleeping in,
hammocks, hot tubs. I am totally at one
with my panda parts. Now why won’t
you show me? Because I don’t know it! You what? I don’t know it, okay?
No one does. Maybe we used to. But not anymore. You lied? No, I… Yes. Wh… Why? To save your life! I find out some blade-swinging
maniac is coming for you. What am I supposed to do?
Just let that happen? Yes! I’m the Dragon Warrior.
Facing maniacs, that’s my job! But because of you,
I left the Valley unprotected. I left my friends unprotected! And now they’re all… They’re all… And you would have been, too. I lost you once. I am not going
to lose you again. I can’t. You just did.

9 thoughts on “Kung Fu Panda 3 – Tigress warns Po

  1. I've been shipping Po and Tigress for a LONG time. Shipping them since 2011. Still waiting for them to become a couple, please let it happen in the 4th movie! 🙂

  2. 2:25
    Li shan:i find out some blade swinging maniac is coming for what am o supposes to do? just let that happen?
    Po:im the dragon warrior facing maniacs that's my job because of you i left the valley unprotected i left my friends unprotected

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