Kung Fu Panda 3 – Sparring

This isn’t going to work. It has to. You’re not thinking straight. – I am!
– You’re not. – I am!
– No. – Yes, I am.
– No. I’ve seen Kai. I’ve seen what he can do. But he hasn’t seen
what I can do. The Wuxi Finger Hold? It’s my best move. I just have to get to Kai, grab his finger
and then skadoosh! Back to the Spirit Realm. He has an army
of jade warriors. Everything they see,
he sees. So there’s no
sneaking up on him. – You will never get close enough.
– It’s gonna work! He can only be stopped
by a master of chi. Oh, you sound just like Shifu
with the, “Chi, chi, chi.” “Chi this. Chi that.”
“Chi, chi, chi, chi!” I am not a master
of chi, okay? I don’t know if I am
the Dragon Warrior. I don’t even know
if I’m a panda! I don’t know who I am! You’re right. There’s no way I can
stop him and his army.

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