sorry. buddy. Gotta send you back to the spirit realm. skadoosh! okay. that didn’t work. gotta try one more time. skadoosh! skadoosh! skadoosh! skadoosh! hold on. wait! it’s working. no. no! noo! no. it’s not.
Did oogway teach you that little trick? Too bad. it only works on mortals and i am a spirit
warrior. what’s that?
po! son!
skadoosh! son! i am the dragon warrior. get it?
see the giant dragon? get ready to feel the thunder
sweet! whoa! it took me 500 years to take oogway’s chi. i will have yours if it takes me 500 more. chitty-chitty chat-chat. chit-chat. belly gong. butt slap. perhaps a bit of lunch.
because i am starving. whoa!
the spirit realm! it worked!
get off me, you… you brought me back?
don’t blame me. i tried to finish this in the regular realm. then we’ll finish it here! who are you?
i have been asking the same question. am i the son of a panda?
the son of a goose? a student?
a teacher? turns out..
i’m all of them. this is awesome!
whoo-hoo! hmm. uh-oh! you want my chi so bad..
then take it. yes. let’s do this. head’s off. the power is mine. wait. no . it’s to much.
it’s to much. no!

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