Kung Fu Panda 3 – Po Meets His Dad

Someone’s about to beat your
dumpling-eating record! Go! Go! Who’s eating my dumplings? And who’s paying
for them? 101! 102! 103! Yeah! Is that a new record? Who are you? I am Li Shan. What? I’m Li Shan. I’m looking for my son. You lost your son? Yes. Many years ago. I lost my father. I’m very sorry. Thank you. Well, good luck to you. U2. I hope you find your son. And I hope you find your father. Son? Oh, my gosh, it is you! Well, don’t just stand there.
Give your old man a hug! I can’t believe you’re alive! Oh, I thought I lost
you forever, Little Lotus. Uh… Okay. Uh, this is
very embarassing, but I think you’ve
got me confused with a panda named Lotus. My name is Po. Oh, right,
you wouldn’t know. Oh. Okay.
See, Little Lotus was the name you
were given at birth. – Really?
– Really! I can’t believe it! After all these years,
you’re really here? This is amazing! Oh, Dad! Come! Say hi to, um… I don’t know what am I
supposed to call you. I’m pretty sure
he said his name is Li. You. Come here. Oh… Thank you, thank you for taking such
good care of my son. Your son?
Now, hold on just a minute. How do we know this stranger
is even related to you? Look at that. – Our bellies could be brothers!
– This is so cool. Hey, son, let me teach you
how to belly gong. All right. Belly gong.
They jiggle the same! It’s like looking in a fat mirror. It’s like looking in a fat mirror.
(Mr. Ping’s face XD) I can’t believe we’re
taking a picture together. Huh? But I still don’t understand. I thought Po
was the only panda left. No. There’s a whole bunch of us. Where? A secret panda village in the mountains. A secret panda… Whoa. But how did you know
where I was? I received a message
that led me here. How could you receive a message if no one could find you? Sound suspicious to me. Hmm? No, it was a message
from the universe. Whoa!
Whoa. Rats! Now, what’s all this
about a Dragon Warrior? How did you know
I was a Dragon Warrior? Did the universe
tell you that, too? No, the poster did. And the gift shop. I bought a tiny cup. Oh, right, of course! You have no idea.
There’s so much to show you. You’re gonna be
so awesomely proud. Come on, come on! I’m already
awesomely proud.

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