Hi guys Chris here and today on this episode
we have a giant Kung Fu Panda three play doh surprise egg but before we check that out
don’t forget we are still playing our finding R2D2 game so let us know where you find him
in the comments below cool now lets check out our giant egg first we have to get all
this play doh off alright now for the fun stuff lets see what
we’ve got and our first surprise hey it looks like Shifu pretty sure that’s his name Shifu
the kung fu master you’d never expect a kung fu master to be so small but he is very cool
now lets check out our next toy and what do we have hey it’s mr Ping and it looks like
he has a plate full of dumplings awesome hi Mr. Ping alright now onto our next egg who
do we have here? hey check it out we got Tigress and she looks ready for battle aright onto
our next egg check it out guys we got May May and it looks like Bow in there this is
definitely May may yep and there’s Bow alright so lets see who we have next I see Mantis
it looks like Mantis I wonder where Viper is if we’ve got Mantis here viper should be
around someplace but in this case we have Crane alright who do we have next oh no I
hope he is not here to start any trouble look guys we got Kai, Kai has returned he says
something crazy like that awesome bye Kai alright now lets see we’ve got somebody in
an ice cream egg oh and that somebody is Po who better to be in an ice cream egg then
Po and of course on the front of our egg as well very cool thanks for visiting Po alright
now onto this really bright green egg and it is Viper I knew if Mantis was here Viper
wouldn’t miss the opportunity to show up see what I did there? alright lets check out who
we have and it’s Monkey, Monkey we are bananas about monkey get it? bananas? monkey? alright
onto our next toy which is Yo-Kai now we don’t have the watch for this yet so we’ll have
to pick that up later so these are the metals you stick in the watch and we’re also gonna
show you the codes so you can scan them so just pause the video on each one if you have
the game and scan them in so the first one we have is from the heartful series and there’s
the QR code there on the back and this one is from the charming series very cool I love
the colors on these and there’s that one’s QR code and last but not least is another
one from the heartful series and theres that ones QR code now lets check out this Disney
Heros vs Villains mystery figure I don’t remember which one have of these it’s been a while
since we’ve opened them I’ll have to go back and look and see which ones we’ve got so far
and let me try to see here you know I think, I think this is the one that has the gun right
yep this is the one I wanna go with the one that has the gun the little shark looking
guy right there and do you guys know what movie he’s from? if you do let me know in
the comments below lets see how good you guys are with your Disney characters he will not
come out of the bag he’s fighting me and there he is I was right he has his blaster looks
like a really upset shark guard doesn’t he? but why does a space shark need a gun? I don’t
know ok onto the next the mighty minis blind bag now these you can mix and match all the
pieces to make different characters so lets see who we got this time I’m gonna put him
together there for you real quick
Batman this is I think it’s battle armor Batman this guy is crazy looking
and our next mystery package now we’ve done
a few of these so lets see who we get in our Minecraft blind box and we have it’s Steve what’s up Steve? yeah
we’ve definitely got a few of you can never have too many Steve and who do we have hiding
down here? oh it’s Li what’s up Li? Li is all dressed to the hilt looking all dapper
very cool and now for our Capitan America surprise egg and in here we have candy? where
is the toy? we got Capitan America candy shields I wanted a toy alright for our last blind
bag we have this Tsum Tsum mystery stack packs these look very cool here’s all the character’s
that you can get course Ashley’s favorite gonna be Winnie the Pooh she loves her some
Winnie the Pooh oh no she’s gonna be so upset she wasn’t here to see this on our very first
one we got her favorite character Winnie the Pooh well Ashley hasn’t been feeling good
so maybe this would help make her feel better she’s got her favorite character now and here’s
his honey pot with honey dripping down the side and this spot for Winnie the Pooh to
fit in and it says of course hunny and there’s pooh, pooh bear these things are really cool
looking so we’ll stick pooh in the honey pot and we’ll go give him to Ashley here in a
little bit very cool bye pooh bear well guys thats it for this video let us know what your
favorite character was in the comments below and speaking of comments great job Heather
on finding R2D2 in one of our last videos you guys are so great at that game make sure
you keep on playing well we will see you next time take care guys

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