Kung Fu Panda (2008) – Tai Lung’s Escape Scene (3/10) | Movieclips

– Oh, no!
– What’s happening? To your battle stations!
Go! Go! Go! – Fire cross-bow!
– Fire! Fire! Tai Lung’s free. I must warn Shifu. You’re not going anywhere.
Neither is he! – Let go of me.
– Bring it up! Wait! Bring it back! – He’s going this way!
– He won’t get far. Archers! We’re dead. So very, very dead. Not yet, we’re not. Now! Can we run now? Yes.

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  1. Tai Lung


    Tai Lung


    The Real Dragon Warrior (self-proclaimed)

    The Most Dangerous Criminal in China


    Kung Fu Panda


    Powerful Kung Fu Master of Leopard style

    Prisoner at Chorh-Gom Prison (formerly)


    Kung Fu mastery

    Extreme strength
    Extreme endurance
    Extreme speed
    Extreme agility
    Nerve attacks
    Stun attacks
    Interrogation tactics
    Fear-inducing skills
    Heightened awareness
    Indomitable willpower
    Wall-climbing skills



    Seizing and terrorizing the village.
    Defeating and stalking his enemies.


    Obtain the Dragon Scroll (succeeded) in order to become into the true Dragon Warrior (failed).

    Escape Chorh-Gom Prison (succeeded).
    Destroy Po and the Furious Five (partially succeeded).
    Dismantle the Jade Palace as well as the Valley of Peace (failed).
    Get revenge on Shifu for putting him under falseness and imprisoning him (failed).



    Mass destruction
    Mass murder


    Vengeful Martial Artist

    "Fly back there and tell them… the real Dragon Warrior is coming home!" – TAI LUNG ORDERING ZENG TO WARN SHIFU ABOUT HIS RETURN – HIS MOST FAMOUS QUOTE

    Tai Lung is the main antagonist of DreamWorks' 16th full-length animated feature film Kung Fu Panda. He is a mighty snow leopard who was Po's first enemy, Shifu's former student and adoptive son, and Tigress' adoptive older brother.

    He was voiced by Ian McShane, who also played Dr. Brinkman in Agent Cody Banks, Leigh Emerson in, American Horror Story: Asylum, Blackbeard in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Winston in the John Wick film series, and Iofur Raknison in The Golden Compass.

  2. Kai: I enhanced my strength by using the stolen chi of warriors
    Shen: I created hundreds of explosive cannons by using an army of wolves

    Tai Lung: I was imprisoned for 20 years, unable to move from one spot, yet picked the lock with a feather using my tail, then broke out of the most secure prison in the entire Ancient World in under 5 minutes using my bare hands and martial training.

  3. They probably could've saved a lot of money by not hiring all those guards and just having one guy to make sure he's still there.

  4. Huh. Tai Lung is, apparently, a master of using his environment against his foes. He uses the feather to free himself, the ballista bolts as weapon and ladder, the rising platform as a shield for the arrows, repeatedly grabs his opponents' weapons and throws them into each other, and finishes them with dynamite they ignited.

    And then Po also is a master of his environment in their later fight.

    Funny how that works out, isn't it.

  5. This scene has everything. Beautiful choreography, crisp sound effects, clever humor.

    But most importantly…

    The Wilhelm Scream.

  6. This scene always made me wonder how the hell was he ever put in that jail to begin with if he is so unbelievably strong , who chained him up

  7. What I like about this scene is that there were so many little things that just happen so randomly and could of been avoided that help Tai Lung escape, like the feather would of never dropped if the goose never went there, or he would of died if he hadn't reached the platform elevator in time or he wouldn't of escaped if they stalactite had blown up a few seconds earlier. Also I wanna note how every rhino that was thrown of the bridge and off the cliff at the end is 100% dead.

  8. So they have him imprisoned there for over 20 years, and nobody checks to see if the giant crossbows are actually properly aiming at him.

  9. Yo listen this is the closest any 3D Animated movie fight is going to get to Anime. This was Smooth AF! Also the fight on the Bridge with the Furious 5. That was amazing too.

  10. You know if Tai Lung was so bad why didn’t they just chop off his head while he was still imprisoned. They tried killing him anyway when he tried to escape

  11. You know……..he probably kills at least 50-60 rhinos in this scene alone. I never really noticed how many fell of the walkways as he was climbing up.

  12. The only memorable villian in the whole series!
    He's like a Count Dooku type of a villian: Excellent fighter with elegant skills; once the best student of the wise master; tempted to turn darkness.

  13. Shifu's desperate attempt to stop Oogway's prophecy was the very catalyst for it to flow the moment he sent the goose.

    The writing in this movie is so genius.

  14. i love that all their attempts to prevent tai lung's jailbreak (shifu sends duck,rhinos firing cross bow, and archer shoots the explosives) actually the reasons of tai lung got freed

  15. I doubt rhino guy can see him breaking through the chains. Rhinos have notoriously bad eyesight, maybe that's why the all missed

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