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You may be the scariest bandit in Hajin province. But you’re a lousy tipper. Really? So . . . How’d you get out of there alive? I mean, I didn’t actually say that. But . . . I fought it. In . . . In my mind. He could read my mind. He’d have been like “What?” Order up! Hope you like it. This is really good. Now, come on. You should try my dad’s secret ingredient soup. He actually . . . knows the secret. What are you talking about? This is amazing. Wow. You’re really good cook. I wish my mouth was bigger. Tigress, you’ve got to try this. It is said that the Dragon Warrior can survive for months at a time on nothing but the dew of a single ginkgo leaf and the energy of the universe. I guess my body doesn’t know it’s the Dragon Warrior yet. We need a lot more to do. And . . . Universe juice. Oh nothing. Master Shifu. You’ll never be the Dragon Warrior unless you lose 500 pounds and brush your teeth. What is that noise you’re making? Master, I’ve never heard of it. Work hard and . . . Maybe some day . . . You will have ears like mine. That’s good. Ears. It’s not working for you? I thought they were pretty good. It’s Shifu. Of course, it’s Shifu. What do you think? I’m doing? Master Shifu! Uh . . . You think this is funny!? Tai Lung has escaped from prison and you’re acting like children! What? He is coming for the dragon scoll and you are the only one who can stop him! And here I am saying you got no sense of humor. I’m gonna . . . What, you’re serious? And I have to . . . Master Oogway’ll stop him. He did it before. He’ll do it again. Oogway cannot! Not anymore. Our only hope is the Dragon Warrior. The panda? That’s the panda! Master, please let us stop Tai Lung! This is what you’ve trained us for. No, it is not your destiny to defeat Tai Lung! It is his! Where’d he go?

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  1. being Po.

    it must be really an honor to have your favourite super heroes compliment you for once, Po and his talented cooking.

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  3. These movies were masterpieces. Even though the third one kinda felt like they were starting to drive it into the ground at times, it was still a worthy entry and had plenty of good moments. Hopefully there is no Kung Fu Panda 4. We don't need this to be Shrek but with Kung Fu. They pulled off a near perfect trilogy and it should be left that way.

  4. This movie is a amazing memory for me. I watched it with one of my childhood friends and we were 8 back then. We played around the neighbourhood and took a trip around there on our bikes..Then we grew tired and we watched this together. I dont even know where he is anymore but everytime I watch this, I get reminded of him

  5. I've only just realised how subtle all of Viper's movements are. Everything she does has a slow grace to it which makes her such a naturally adorable and lovable character whilst not taking away from the other characters.

  6. PO:ears it's not working for you
    Monkey:Its shifu
    Po:Of course it's shifu what do you think I'm doing
    Po:Oh master shifu ahh

  7. 1:38 omg monkey is my favourite character
    Also has anyone noticed that the monkey 🐒 voice actor is Jackie chan
    1:39 hey grown up people can still have fun you know

  8. Shift: ITS NOT YOUR DESTINY TO DEFEAT HIM ITS HIS pointing at door
    Door:wut my destiny I thought it was the pandas

  9. "I mean, I didnt- I didn't actually SAY that. But I thought it, in my mind. If he could read my mind he'd have been like 'what?'."

    This is all of us don't even lie

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