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Hey! Stairs. Who are you? Buddy. I . . . am the dragon warrior. You? Him? He’s a panda. You’re a panda. What are you gonna do big guy? Sit on me? Don’t tempt me. Now . . . I’m gonna use this. Haha You want it? Come get it. Finally.

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  1. Who would win:
    A kung fu master who was trained all his life and defeated the furius five and Shifu.
    A very fat boi who trained in Kung fu for about a week

  2. This is like when me and my sister play Super Smash Bros
    She’s the experienced one and I’m the one that mashes random buttons 😂

  3. Childhood just keeps coming I would always watch this with the whole family man best days of my life 😭😭😭

  4. The greatest thing about this fight that I absolutely love is, Po is not taking it seriously in the slightest and is only having fun 😂

  5. Tai Lung: He's a panda, your a panda. What are you gonna do big guy, sit on me?

    Po:*sits on him while tumbeling down tge stairs*

    Tai Lung: I was kidding!

  6. That one scene when Po lands near a cart of fireworks chasing down Tai Lung. The faces are priceless.
    Tai Lung: HOLI SHIET!

  7. From emotion to comedy

    Dreamworks was like what the hell are we doing with Pixar’s emotion. I’m just gonna call them and say I WANT MY COMEDY BACK!!!

    0:36 did Poe just bounce off a wall?

  8. This fight literally had everything thing to do with po’s life. First the stairs, being fat, Bamboo, making noodles, eating, using fireworks, shifu’s training, climbing things to get food, and especially the dragon scroll.

  9. I love the fun metaphor of Po using the firework stand to run over Tai Lung like he basically did at the beginning of the move when a firework stand launched him into the Academy where he was chosen to be Dragon Warrior

  10. PO:attenzion I Gonna crush you with my BUTTSQUASHER
    TAI LUNG:noooo please your ass is so smother in my face.

    And squash 1:15

  11. They both are not really using their full potential! Noone is! U have to be smarter to actually use use full power and smart!

  12. In real life a male panda would kill a snow leopard if forced to. Still a 400+ lb bear. Just saying even though it’s irrelevant 😂

  13. Tai Lung: What you gonna to do, boy? Sit on me?
    Me: No, but here, kitty kitty. Sit down, Tai Lung. Come on. Sit. Bad Tai Lung. (Smack the butt)
    Tai Lung: Ow!

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