Kung Fu Panda 2 Trailer Ufficiale (2011)

Welcome to the AC Show! Today’s movie is: Kung Fu Panda. See you later with the news of today. The hilarious adventures of panda Po continue! Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom will be released in the States on 26 May. The movie is directed by Jennifer Yuh and this time it’s in 3D. The characters will be dubbed by the most famous Hollywood stars like: Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman and Lucy Liu. Having declared bankruptcy because of debt amounting to $ 4 billion, MGM announced its future plans. The Major said it would invest $ 125 million over the next four months. The production of both The Hobbit and the James Bond saga would be refinanced. That’s all for taday! See you soon with the AC Show!

100 thoughts on “Kung Fu Panda 2 Trailer Ufficiale (2011)

  1. 2D animation: Nice plot, good characters, great imagination, dramatic details. 3D animation: Nice plot, the rest of the movie is just a bunch of random childish comedy.

  2. @jordan1650 the trailers have always been misleading though just wait till you actually get to see the movie.

  3. @jordan1650 but dont forget this is a sequel we are talking about here half the hype the movie is getting is through how successfull the first movie was, that way they dont need to show too much of the movie so then people can enjoy it more.

  4. Trying to distract us from the Kung Fu staring contest by using compliments…..
    Flattery will get you nowhere! XD

  5. thumbs up if you hate when douchebag uploaders duplicate a video and pretend it's longer than it really is.

  6. i understood "lalalalalalalalalalalalhrwrnnklaoorkbfjsjnn hjfhsdfnmndfd jack black, angelina jolie ,dustin hoffman & lucy iu lakynm efesyfuhdfnae rn,bwhefjlkwnankhfsjnbkdf"

  7. Hey, person who posted all those comms below : Really I'm sorry to say that, but if you want people to actually go to the site, maybe you shouldn't post 20-30 comments that end with the same adress. I mean, that kinda gives the SPAM thing off.

  8. This is a movie with charm, warmth, depth and humour too. With realistic characters and settings, and an almost flawless script, this film is a pleasure.Give it a chance and watch it on 'Popcornfreak'

  9. Only Chuck Norris could pause the video and still win the staring contest…
    yeah yeah, i know these jokes are getting old :T

  10. thumbs up if u where joining the starring contest and starred until it changed scene and blinked and was thinking yes i won! and the realiesed that he never blinked so u lose 😀

  11. How this is the officiall trailer i don't know. It's just the trailer with commentaries of a cartoon girl. Plus it's not even 30% official.

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