100 thoughts on “Kung Fu Panda 2 – Tower Battle with Shen [1080p HD]

  1. I hope the next villain is going to be probably a tortoise or a dragon, just like the Chinese mytos. Shen is the fire bird, Tai Lung is the wooden wild cat 😊

  2. First wolf fire the cannon then peacock is look is fire out then panda want ready for destroy the tower next all thing in tower and trap the panda in the end wolf shoot arrow had fire then they ran on roof of tower and jump some wolf run away because tower is destroyed all wolf at firework factory all wolf run in China Town

  3. At 3:56–4:17 Shen said the year of the Peacock begins now, and then the wolf boss said it’s the middle of the year, so it means it’s not the year of the peacock yet. So what year it is now🤔😐

  4. I thought Lorn Shen's factory was in the mountains as shown in the beginning of the movie or was that a different factory?

  5. Happy 10 Year Anniversary Kung-Fu Panda; Here's to the another even more beautiful 10 'MORE' Kung-Fu Panda filled years. God bless you Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, Lucy Lui, Jackie Chan, David Cross, & the hilarious Seth Rogen. 💙 Thank you guys SO MUCH for this outstanding franchise; Two Masterpieces that I'm nostalgic about, an insanely enjoyable third installment — A TV show that I'm also very nostalgic about, and lovable TV Shorts. A big skadoosh 👌 to all of you billions of fans out there 😉

  6. Yeah, i think that a tower of that size wouldn't fall "like a domino" it would fall apart like jenga tower. Unless it's incredibly stable

  7. Monkey just used Crane’s hat to protect himself and did anyone notice the thing on Crane’s hat caught on fire?

  8. 1:17

    Op: you..you where there ?

    Chen yes..yes I was
    I love how you can see happiness in Chen’s eyes in a sick and truly twisted way he really is enjoying the fact that he did what he did That day that’s why I think Chen is the best villain of the trilogy in the first tylong was driven by rage and regret and grudge in the third it was just a stupid person who got a whole lot of power but here it’s a twisted and sick mind relishing in the fact that he destroyed someone’s life he’s a smart but crazy person cunning and opportunistic he never has a plan but he does know how to mentally fuck with Po which is why I love him so much he’s so smart and crazy and he truly doesn’t regret anything that he has ever done personally I think he’s the best villain this trilogy has and will ever have

  9. I love this scene so much. Gave me chills the first time I saw it in theatres, watching that huge tower come down seemed so big!

  10. So Shen created canon with a metal and blackpowder

    Shouldn't he invent something more like a Flintlock gun or flamethrower

  11. I love the fact that in any other movie, Shen would've won. I mean, he did every smart choice in the book, or smarter, at least.

  12. Shen and the Wolf Sargent are my fav antagonists in the Kung fu panda franchise. Unlike Kai and Tai lung, Shen does not make as many jokes and treats Po seriously. He also tends to avoid Po, and avoids direct fights with Po sometimes. This was because of the fortune about the whole warrior of black and white, when Shen realised that Po was a survivor.

  13. I think I enjoy Mantis in Kung Fu Panda 2 he has a lot more lines unlike the 1st one and is really sarcastic like me 🙂

  14. Shen is one of my favorite animated movie villains ever together with Maleficent and Tai Lung. He is very different from other movie villains.

  15. 0:27 Fear the bug!

    1:31 You were saying, Mantis?

    2:19 Unlucky Monkey.

    3:00 What?!

    3:08 Yee-haw!

    3:48 Right in the nose.

  16. Shen is not only a perfect combination of funny and serious, but as well as his insanity. You just just tell hes a psychopath by looking into his eyes. It's also ironic because real albino animals usually have mental kinks in their behavior as well, which makes Shen THAT much more terrifying.

  17. Ok I love this movie and I love this whole franchise but just imagine how much better the movie would be if they didn’t have any narration at the beginning. Like if the audience figured all this out with Po.

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