Kung Fu Panda 2: The Video Game (PS3) Walkthrough Part 9

Thank you, good Po,
for finding all the Jade Statues. What is this? It’s instructions for the
wolves to trash the Temple. And it’s signed with some symbol. I don’t know that symbol,
but it appears to be very ancient. The Wolf Leader would not have
found this Temple on his own. Yeah, this stinks like
last week’s noodles. I’ll have to get to the bottom of this. Thank you, Master Ox. Thanks,
Master Po. You saved this city. We’d do it all again if we had to. We may indeed have to. Yeah. That does sort of look
suspicious, doesn’t it? I recognise those
swords they’re carrying. You there, stop! – Stop, thieves!
– Yeah, stop! Door close! Oh, yes, Master Monkey has arrived! Where’d he go? Ready to lose?! You’re going down! Monkey, follow the thieves while
I deal with this pack of furballs. No problem, Po! Ha-ha-ha, yes! Guess I showed those wolves. They were only a distraction. Uhh… yeah, I knew that. Just… checking. So where, exactly,
did this guy go? – He went to the Undercity.
– Undercity?! – Where is that?
– It’s a secret city under the city, Master Po. Right…. I knew that. Totally. Whoa! That’s a cool statue. It is also a door. A secret door… … to the Undercity. But I have never opened it. To get there, we must enter the Dragon. I’m sure we can figure it out.
It can’t be that hard, can it? I feel overwhelmed by the Undercity. Which is a dark place. I’m not afraid of the dark. What was that? Did you hear that? We cannot let locked
doors stand in our way now. No way! You shattered the
door using only your foot. When you properly focus your chi,
you can accomplish anything. I’ll show you this technique… later. There he is! And he’s got friends.
Lots of friends. He’s– He’s really ugly. He’s a Komodo Dragon. Komodo Dragons have not been
heard from for a long while. Finding them from
the city now is… – Ugly?
– …disturbing. We must go out to the
desert and investigate. Desert…. Uh, coming, Master! You must understand this basic fact: Komodo Dragons are ravages
who destroy everything they touch. Then they move on
to destroy even more. Anyone or anything that could survive
out here would have to be tough. Yes. If they come to Gongmen City in force,
they will leave it as desolate as this place. – Komodo Dragons!
– Yes. Prepare for the fight of your life!

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