Kung Fu Panda 2: The Video Game (PS3) Walkthrough Part 8

You?! You! Get that panda! Open fire! Okay, now time for you to
answer to the Kung Fu Council! No, please! I have to– – What’s that?
– Ah? Oh? What? No! Wait, where?! Ha! You fell for the same trick… again! What a big, dump kung-fool you are! Po, you fell for his trick again?! Or did I? Now we can follow him to
the Temple Of Clear Water. I see what you did. You tricked him by
letting him trick you. Hey, Po, he’s headed for the Shrine
where Master Croc is meditating. What’s he doing? He’s sneaking around. He’s not very good at it. Master Croc must know he’s there. He’s lost in meditation. That’s it! I know where the Temple’s
secret entrance is. It’s here– in the waters
of this very Shrine. You don’t say…. Uh, thank you, Master Croc,
for your masterful meditation. We found the Temple. And it’s filled with wolves! Oh, my. They have went to the Temple. They sure never learn to
clean up after themselves. I’m so tired of these guys! And now the wolves have
barricaded themselves inside. The only way in is through the top floor. I’m gonna need Monkey’s help for this. No problem, Po! You’re entering the Hall
Of Quiet Contemplation. It’s one of the most beautiful
and serene places in the Temple. Yeah, well, not anymore. You… again! Get the Panda! I need him to show
me where the real treasure is. You don’t get it, do you? The only treasure here is the kind you
find in your heart. And in your soul. – What kind of treasure is that?!
– The very best kind. Besides, I just tricked you into coming
here so we could follow you. No treat, only a trick! That makes me so mad! Attack! This isn’t going well. I have, uh, somewhere to be. Not this time, fur-face! Okay, finally, for the last time… … you’ll answer for your crimes
to the Kung Fu Council! Look, I’m sorry, I– – What’s that?
– What?! Master C in the pond! Awesome! Po, you must find the Jade Statues
that are lost in the forest. Right, Master Croc. I’ll track them down.

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  1. can i ask something quick please:)? Are you partnered to youtube or annother gaming company? Because i cant put ads on my videoes without verification from the makers of the game:/ Help me out please:)

  2. So Wolf Boss is alive. This would mean he has scar somewhere around his chest. I heard he is a playable character in Co-op mode. Is that true?

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