Kung Fu Panda 2: The Video Game (PS3) Walkthrough Part 7

You should be of
more help here, Po. Haven’t you furballs
caused enough trouble? Well, now you’re gonna
get a fist-full of Panda! Ah, the Shrine. This used to be a perfect
place for peaceful meditation. Not anymore. Looks like the wolves have
messed it up pretty good. Excellent use of your skills, Master Po. Now, let’s see… The wolves came from there, so that
must be the direction of the Temple. Right? – Uh… you’re not sure you’re going, are you?
– Of course I’m sure. Wherever I go, then there I am. Ah, yes, we must be close.
I can sense it. Oh, we’re close… Close to an army of wolves! You’re doomed! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Yes, we’re close. By my reckoning, the Temple
is just through this wall. Master, we’re very good at kung fu, but I don’t
think we can just walk through walls. Can’t we? It is time I teach you
a technicue I called… – … “Acu Punch”.
– Acu Punch?! That sounds awesome! Oh, yes, this seems familiar.
We should be there any minute. It seems familiar, ’cause we
have already been here. Uh, Master, I think
we’re going in circles. We’ve already been here. We should move
in a line, not a circle. Let’s see…. – Uh, Po, I think we’re lost.
– You think? Oh, yes, I agree, Master. Perhaps some quiet meditation would
help us figure out the best path. Got it! The Shrine. What if we go
back to the Shrine? You said it was an excellent
place to meditate. Ah, yes, a con place for a con mind.
Maybe then I can remember. Good idea, Master Po. Things are looking up! Ah, peace…. Po! Po, I’ve uncovered the entire wolf operation! Crane, shh! Master Croc is meditating. – I can’t believe that you found them!
– Yes, and we can defeat all of them… … but I’m gonna need your help. There’ll be lots of kung fu action. Well, um, I really should
wait for Master Croc. I can’t wait. Let’s go do some kung fu! I thought we’ve already
defeated all these guys! Po, you have no idea
how many wolves there are. – More than a lot?
– Way more! Goodness gracious! Po, check out the huge
pile of fireworks over there. Let’s destroy it, so
the wolves can’t use it. Okay, there’s one last wolf hideout. Let me give you a lift. You know, if pandas were
meant to fly, we’d have wings. Really big wings!

5 thoughts on “Kung Fu Panda 2: The Video Game (PS3) Walkthrough Part 7

  1. Okay I am not quite caught up on kung fu panda lore but is master croc blind? Cause he has literally shown little to no visual ability… Seriously he walks past groups of wolves and acts like he can not see or hear it…

  2. You know I am pretty sure there are better ways to get rid of fireworks than blowing them up… It actually seems pretty dangerous…

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