Kung Fu Panda 2: The Video Game (PS3) Walkthrough Part 6

Whoo, there! That’s all the armor I could find. Excellent job, Master Po! Thank you for your hard work. Wait… what is this? A note? Deliver to…. I don’t know that symbole. This means the gorillas
weren’t acting alone. Who are they working for? This is a mystery stuffed with a puzzle, layered
with a riddle and covered in secret sauce! Like taking candy from babies. We can sell this stuff down the coast. This looting is too easy. I think your job just got a little harder. Prepare to deal with
a couple of Kung Fu Masters! You?! You! I thought you had enough. I had enough of silly pandas! – That’s fighting words!
– Okay, boys, he is all yours. Take care of him! I thought this was going
to be a one-on-one -thing! Hello, Po, need some help? Tigress? Nah… I’ve got it all handled. It’s all good. – Have you got a ladder?
– A Kung Fu Master is always prepared. – Call me anytime you need help.
– Okay, Tigress! Not that I’ll need any help
being a Kung Fu Master and all. I have to go through these stolen items,
and try to identify their rightful owners. – Can I help?
– Actually, Po… you need to chase down that
Boss Wolf and bring him to justice. Yes, Master Croc! Ready for a chase. Stop that stupid panda! That’s an order! Do you need someone
else to fight your battles? Get him! You heard the orders. Stop him now! All right, you’ll have to answer for
your crimes to the Kung Fu Council! No, please, I have to…. – What’s that?
– Where?! Distracted you! Hah! The old “look over there” -trick. So long, panda! Oh, that one…. No worries, Po. I’ll follow
him and get back to you. Thanks, Crane! I better get back to Master Croc,
and see what he has learned. Master Croc, that’s an awful lot of stuff. – D’you need some help?
– Not carrying these… – but I do need you.
– For what? You can defend us from the wolves
we might face along our way. I am counting on you, Po. We must restore the Temple Of
Clear Water to it’s original glory. Uh, Master Croc… The Temple is a source
of inspiration and bright. Excuse me, Master… It’s a good thing we haven’t run
into any wolves here, isn’t it? Uh, yeah….

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