Kung Fu Panda 2: The Video Game (PS3) Walkthrough Part 5

No way! He did not just do a swan dive off this tower! He did. And he landed it. Wasn’t a good landing. It’ll cost him some style poins. At least he’s out of the palace.
He should’ve left that awesome armor. Thank you! Oh, thank you, great Po
the mighty warrior! No problem. That’s what I do. I only wish that nasty gorilla had not
escaped with my best ever armor. Rather have it to be destroyed
than to be used by him! You are one serious craftsman. I like kung fu and all! Why does there have to
be so much climbing? Geez! How many of
you gorillas are there?! – Too many for you to handle!
– I don’t think so. Why don’t you just open
the gate and let me out? – Save us all some time.
– No can do! Our orders are to keep you in here
while the captain takes the Village. There’s the bear and his
bug buddy. Stop them! I’ve already kicked you
out of this village once. Yeah, Po, let’s make
some monkey mayhem! Back to pound paws again, Panda? You didn’t hurt me last time. ‘Cause I’ve got this armor, remember? Oh, yeah. But there’s no tower
to dive off this time! Oh, you’re right. Now I’m so scared! Ha-ha-ha-ha! I’ve brought some extra fire power. Po, look out! My armor! You’ve broke it! I’m gonna make you pay for that. Yeah, put it on my tab. Let’s beat it! We’re out!
I’m not waiting around. Po beat ’em! The looters are defeated! Our village is free! Well, Po, that was some fight. My best armor… ruined. I’m glad you returned
it to it’s rightful home. – Thank you, Master Po.
– No problem-o! All part of being a Kung
Fu Master… like me.

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