Kung Fu Panda 2: The Video Game (PS3) Walkthrough Part 4

Mantis, stay down! I’m coming in… fast! All right, that’s learnt. Next time maybe I won’t
announce that I’m coming. Okay, everybody grab a torch! Let’s find out if pandas
like to play with fire. Mantis, it’s okay,
you can come out! I took care of your friends. Uh… Po, I’d love to come out,
but I’m a little lost here. – Where are you?
– In some tunnel behind the walls. Not quite sure how to get out! Stay put, I’ll come find you! Hey, thanks for finding me! I thought I’d be lost, like, forever. What are friends with cool
kung fu moves for, right? Watch this! Kung Fu Curl! It works, but it hurts. You’ve got mad skills, Po! Yeah, Shifu taught me that trick. Very impressive. You think? Cool! Let’s keep going. Now that is a whole heap of gunpowder. We can take it to the palace and
wreak the whole place to blow! Yeh-heh-hea! We can completely
blast it to pieces with this. I’ll make sure all of it gets there. Are you sure you want to run off by yourself?
‘Cause that went ‘so well’ the first time. Yeah, well, I won’t get too far anymore. No more thinking I can fight everybody by myself. Call me if you need me. Thanks, Master Mantis!
We make an awesome team. What are they doin’?
We oughta stop ’em. Hey, fellas! Hit me, I dare you! Go on! Hey, fellas, I dare you! Yeah, he dares you! Climbing. Too… … much… … climbing. Aah, come on! Aah! Uh… Whew! Nice view, though. Not for long, Panda. Whoa… Nice armor. The last set of armor you’ll ever see!

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