Kung Fu Panda 2: The Video Game (PS3) Walkthrough Part 3

Look out! Cannons! They’re firing from Shantu Palace! Hey, Po, you look a little bit stuck there.
If you need a lift, I’m here. Fire! – That was close!
– Too close. I can’t have you lift me over the
palace walls. It’s too dangerous. We have to be careful, Po! Those looters who stole all
the gunpowder are hiding in the cliffs. – That doesn’t sound good.
– It might be good. If we could get the gunpowder back, we could
blast open the doors to Shantu Palace! I like the way you think, Mantis. Guess we don’t have to look
for the looters. They found us. Be careful what you wish for! I’m not afraid of some panda! I’m gonna kick his big butt! Okay! It’s not his size that bothers me. It’s he’s crazy! Oh, glad hear you. Okay! Where is the gunpowder?! I’ll never talk! Never! Got it? Talk, or you’ll get a triple-
round kick to your eardrum! I can take it. Stop, I’ll tell you! We have all the gunpowder
at the end of a tunnel. So tight only a wolf can fit into it. It’s between the bridges to East. Mantis, you rock! Thanks, Po. Let’s go find that gunpowder. The tunnel! I got this covered. That’s good, because there’s
no way I could fit in there. There’s the gunpowder. Gotcha! Whoa, big mistake! There are too many of these guys. Po, I gotta find a place to hide! – Mantis, you okay?
– Find him! – Find that little bug!
– Mantis? Mantis! Don’t worry, I’ll get you out. Soon as I can find a way to fit in there. Hey, I bet Shifu could help me out. Master Shifu, Mantis is trapped
in a tunnel by wolves. You have to teach me some technique! – Any technicue to make myself smaller.
– Smaller? Po, you’re a panda. Small isn’t in your nature. Please, Master! There has to be something
you can teach me. Hmm… Actually, there is one thing
I know that might work. A very rare tecnhique called
the Kung Fu Curl. Kung Fu Curl? What does that have to
do with being small? That’s what, Po. The Kung Fu Curl is a way of spinning one’s body,
so neither air nor earth could control it. Oh, okay! What does that mean? Maybe it’s best that I just show you. Amazing! – Like a Kung Fu Cannonball.
– That’s a good way to think of it. Now you try, Po. No way! That… was… awesome! Yes. It’s also useful against crouds of
enemies, because they cannot stop it. Thank you, Master Shifu.

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